Why international fiances are scared to become victims of scammers?

To begin with, to those who doesn’t know, I’ll try to explain who are the Scammers, with whom overseas men do not want to face with ( I was in this majority as well, no scams anymore in my life!).. So, I get started my review.

Scammer – (comes from English ‘scam’) fraud, cheat, swindler.

Scammers or scams – are people, who post on international dating sites pictures of Russian lady-celebrities and present them as Russian fiancees, who are looking for husbands from abroad.

Afterwards, everything is going by the scheme. The ‘Lady’ make declarations of suddenly appeared passionate love, writes letters full of flaming serious feelings and will of staying with him forever, ‘counts days’ until they meet … Of course, the man is caught into their hands. Each man wants to believe that he is loved and desired.

The simple letters exchange turns into an On-line romance. Then the foreign man, as it is quite natural, invite is beloved to visit his country. And here the most interesting thing starts… The girl starts telling him about his disastrous life being, her incapability to pay for visa and flight tickets. And how sorry she is for not coming. The perspective husband loses his head because of love and sympathy, he proposes to pay for everything, only his love to be next to him.

So, the ‘Fish’, i.e. foreign fiancĂ©, is caught in sophisticatedly placed nets. From now on not much left: to get money… As soon as money get to the scammer’s hands, the ‘beloved lady’ disappears without a sign…

Confused and swindled fiance is left without both – money and lady on whom he was looking forward to marry with. As you understand, no one wants to be in his shoes…

This is short review scenario, that is usually followed by the scammers. Of course there are variations to it, but the heart of the problem and outcome are always the same – money get to the scam’s pockets, and the foreigners’ opinion about Russian women becomes lower and lower with each such situation.

How to avoid this? There are plenty of web-sites and articles in Internet, in which many scammer’s secrets are revealed, you can even find there the list of scammers, pictures of lady-scams, their names, surnames and e-mails. You can make review. Unfortunately, all that is not always sufficient, but at least some beginning is established.

Many dating sites use ANTI-SCAM programs and provide full informationt in this field, that help to screen and eliminate ‘undesirable persons’ and not to frighten away the foreign fiancĂ©s.

How to protect and not to get to difficult situation the girl herself? It is quite easy to get into the ‘scammers’ list’. When you get to the dating site and start your communication with men – be careful, listen more to what he is telling you, and try not to tell him a a lot about yourself.
There are not only negative things surround us in our lives. You are not responsible for other peoples’ actions. And many people believe, that women will find their love with happy ending even though it is far away from home.

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