Love and money in Internet. Review how to escape scams’ traps.

Usually, scammers create profiles using photographs of other people with fake information. Without a doubt, the pictures you see are of real people, who do not even imagine that their pictures are used for frauds (sometimes scams use pictures of little-known actresses or singers). Methods of misappropriation of somebody else’s money differ depending on situation, but the general comment scheme is the same. Scammers try to manipulate emotions, pretending that she is ‘exactly what you need’, and as soon as they feel that you have swallowed the bait, they will make everything possible for you to send them money.

Here are a couple of simple advices about how to avoid scams on dating sites:

Firstly, be vigilant, if the person, with whom you have correspondence with not for a long time starts to make love declarations. Generally, scam letters are very warm, disposal to the author from the very beginning. But if you simply think, you will understand that before the big feeling appears between you too, at least you need to have quite long correspondence.

Secondly, look closer to the letters. In majority of cases scams do not waste time to write letters filled up with true love, that is why they use templates, in which they just change the name and a couple of details. Commonly, the scammer do not bother to read letters carefully and reply thoughtfully on them. You can easily find this out by asking her a couple of questions and see how she reacts and replies.

As soon as the cheat makes sure, that she spent enough time to correspond with you, she will start to try to put through the fraud.

Depends on her patience, it can be a short-term correspondence or the one, that lasts for weeks. No matter how long is the correspondence, as soon as the scams sees that you have swallowed the bait, she will ask you for money. For example, these possible options:

  • the girl wants to come to your country, but she needs money for the flight ticket, visa and just ‘for trip’;
  • requirements for the lady to get the USA visa are very strict, I can even call them blasphemous. She needs to show that she has a good-payed job, that she owns her own flat or house, that she has kids, who stay with her relatives for the time when she is away, etc. Of course this lady can tell you that she knows the travel agent, who can assist her to get the visa and flight tickets. If she tells you all that, you 100 per cent corresponding with scam, because it is impossible to obtain the USA visa illegally.
  • she needs money for medical reasons (for herself or her relatives).
  • she will tell you how hard is her life and ask you to help her financially (send her money for beautiful and good quality clothes, shoes). In this case buy all that by yourself and send it to her.

For what ‘merits’ can you get to the black list of scammers?

Nowadays, there are heaps of web-sites with scammers’ lists, half of which is simply fake. Many men complaints are simply lies and misrepresentation. If you see in the scam list the picture with the girl’s name and address, ask the owner of the site for what the lady go there.

Without a doubt, there are real scam-lists, where you can find together with pictures and different names, their addresses, the full correspondence, numbers of money transfers, dates and other. If there is none of mentioned above, then it can be she was placed there by the man, whom she refused to correspond with.

By following these simple rules, you will easily determine the scam, who wants just to improve their well-being on your account and escape any liabilities.

To sum up, from my own experience, I can say that it does not really matter where and how to meet people, because you can encounter frauds anywhere, just many more of them in the net. My last parting wishes:

  • do not tell much about yourself;
  • as soon as you are asked for money – finish your correspondence.