The difference between Russian women and Western women

And by Russian, I mean of course girls from the ex- USSR : not only Russia, but also Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and even Hungary or Poland. Although these countries are not exactly Russian – in fact most of them hate Russia.

So why would you date a Russian girl?

First, let me tell you about my experience. I was not born in France, and I arrived in this country when I was a teenager. I travelled extensively, from the US to Japan. I’ve been to most European countries and I have lived in more than 10 countries. Lived, means I was not a tourist there but I effectively had a house or a flat. Why is this interesting? Because I was dating a lot of women from various countries. I dated women from Japan, from all over Europe including Poland, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, England, Croatia and of course France. I dated American women from Texas, from Boston, from Portland. I dated Spanish women. I had a girlfriend from Turkey, another one from Argentina. And of course Russian and Ukrainian women. So I’m not an expert, but I dated something like 60 or 80 women during my life and I have some experience.

Well, in each country there is something different. My interest is particularly in Caucasian women. I’m not into Asian or Black women – they are beautiful and lovely but they are not my style so I have nothing to say about them, although I do know personally a few Black girls and they are great, energetic, fun. But I suspect for the husband it’s not always easy because they seem like tornadoes 😉

As time went by, I grew tired of French women, particularly. They are behaving in this kind of “modern way” that makes me mad. Why ? Well you have to look at it from an historical point of view.

Feminism, or the end of real women.

What happened in the 60′s was the movement of freedom for women. I think it was good, because obviously women did not have equal rights. In the early 20th century, French women did not have the right to vote! That’s crazy. I think men and women must absolutely have equal rights. Same salary for a similar job, same everything. This is why I don’t support the idea that women should be hidden behind some kind of veil: if a woman is to wear a veil then I think men should wear it as well.

However, men and women are not equal. They are different. That’s a very common misconception that, if you have equal rights you must be the same. It’s not true. My son has the same right to live in my house as my daughter, and they are treated with the same respect and love. But he likes sports and she likes drawing.

I treat my old Pakistani neighbor with the same respect that I treat my old Italian neighbor. But they are different. They have the same rights, however they have a different background, different ideas, different behaviors.

It’s the same with men and women. I’m not going to detail too much what makes us different, because everyone knows it. Men are physically stronger. Men are made to run, to go out and catch something to eat. Women are made to raise the children, to care about the home, to cook.

Yeah, got it, you are just the macho type.

I’m not some kind of macho. In my house, I cook, I do the dishes, I clean up the bathroom, I take the garbage can out. I share everything with my woman.

When my children from my previous marriage were born, I was giving them bath, changing nappies, feeding them with baby milk and so on, I woke up at night to take care of the baby etc. So I’m certainly not some nasty bastard who thinks women should stay at home and shut up (besides I cook better than my wife).

I love the fact that my Russian wife is intelligent, speaks 4 languages, went skydiving and rock climbing etc. It’s just that we are different, and we both know it. She likes to enjoy things in life, but she knows that ultimately I’m the man. When there is something heavy to carry, I do it. When there’s an emergency situation, I get calm and I act quickly while she freaks out.

I am different. She is different. She has good sides, and bad sides, and me too, and the truth is that we complement each other. That’s why in my opinion gay marriage does not make much sense, although everyone should have the right to marry who they want, and I wish everyone to be happy.

Russian women are real women.

Russian women know and understand this difference. They respect the man for who he is, and they respect themselves. They need a strong man, someone who is purposeful, acting, and nice at the same time.

But they are not afraid to be women. They like to be sexy, elegant, well dressed. They like high heels. They like to wear sexy lingerie. They want to be nice to their man. They will touch their husband, kiss him, give him signs of tenderness and love. They will make love with him, because they know it’s in the man’s nature, and when they don’t feel like having sex they don’t really care, because if they love the man they are willing to please him and show him that they love him. In return, he has to be a good man, I tell you, because they don’t like to give too many chances. Russian women are strong.

Girls from the West try to copy men.

On the contrary western women are making a huge confusion between feminism and power. They think that to have equal rights, they should behave like men.

Girls in Paris wear high heels and look damn sexy but once you are dating one, you’d better be prepared for hell. Demonstrations of love will be rare. You’re under the constant threat of being too much of a man. If you do something because you’re a man and this is what men do, they tell you something about it, how they dislike it. And if you don’t apologize, welcome to Guantanamo. They will reduce you into the shadow of yourself.

The truth is, they don’t really need a man, because they have been taught that to be a modern strong girl you have to be like a man. This is the most stupid idea. To be a modern strong girl you have to take everything that makes you a girl and take it to the next level. To be a modern strong girl you have to know who you are, stand up for your values, and find the things that matter for you. To be a modern strong girl you have to be educated and smart. But you never, never have to behave like a man.

Women have their own way of doing things. Their brain functions in a different way. This is why they need men, and this is why men need women. We totally need each other.

My first marriage was a failure because my wife wanted to be like a man. She was a successful businessman, but in meetings, she was acting like she’s a man. She would raise her voice, speak loudly, become mad at some guy. A real strong woman will never do that. That’s a man’s thing. A real woman will tell in a very subtle and calm manner what she has to say, it will be elegant…and devastating.

Russian women are elegant and strong.

Russian women can do this. They know exactly who they are. They know exactly what they want, what a man wants. They are ready for this. They want children. They want to share responsabilities, but they also want to feel vulnerable.

Some of them want a man who is a leader, but some want to share leadership – there are different ways. But ultimately Russian women (and again by Russian I mean also Ukrainian, Belorussian etc) are strong. They are strong but they are sexy, fragile and they are ready to love.

I totally not regret any other woman.

A Russian woman is like a dream. Your friends won’t believe how lucky you are. At least my friends don’t. Their marriage is in shatters, they are unhappy, getting fat and they think I’m lucky.

I am not lucky : I worked hard to get this. I spent hours on Elena’s Models website. I travelled to meet the girls. I spent hours skyping, chatting to find the perfect woman.

And I found her. Yes, she’s beautiful, yes she’s sexy, yes she’s 11 years younger than me, and no, I’m not lucky.

You can be happy, too.

I will never repeat this enough. You can find yourself a perfect girl, if you are ready to do what it takes. Don’t think you’re going to date a model just because you are rich and handsome. You must also be nice. I’m a man, I’m strong and confident but I’m also tender and loving. I don’t look bad and women tend to appreciate my style. But I could never find a girl like mine in the Western world.

The proof is in the pudding.

A couple months ago I was invited to a dinner in Paris. There was 4 gorgeous women, all single. The one on my right was really sexy. She was 34 years old, and she was interested in me. She gave me her phone number – I did not tell her I was married, just to see how it went.

I asked her how come she’s not with someone: good looking, successful, sexy, smart. She told me “men are scared of me”.

Can you believe that ?

I asked her why. She explained that because she has her own company, because she’s making loads of money, each time she is dating a guy he is quickly becoming afraid that he is not good enough. I told her that’s her responsibility. I told her that if she wants to be happy she has to change. I explained that if she wants a real man, she has to give that man a chance. I explained that if I was her man, I would show her who the man is. I would show her who is strong. I would show her who’s the boss in the home, regardless of what she does outside and how much money she makes.

Do you know what she told me? It was the late evening; she was a bit drunk – too much wine and champagne. She looked into my eyes, and she said “this is exactly what I need. Someone who treats me like a woman. I want to be dominated”.

The next day, she called me back.

Unfortunately Western women will admit this only when they are drunk. Russian women KNOW it. And that’s the difference.