Ua nightmare Dreams with the tongue deep in…

Sometimes I stumble upon negative rewievs about uadreams, but here I don’t see evidences of any facts these person talks about… He is anonymous. Perhaps he is just a fake person? And you will never be able to get any evidence of the things he is speaking about…

ua(nightmare) Dreams, now i don’t want to lie like uadreams lie such an elegant and outrageous way ,i’m not sure that i not write correct the girl id ,or uadreams change it to make a confusion and discredit my words in that way ,uadreams very good at this . But anyway I talked about Ira from ivano-frankivsk and yes now Ira 6575 25 years old from Ivanofrankovsk the same girl.

Let me tell you something , i spend more than a year every f…g day 15 hour a day to find these bi….s on every media site ,and i find a lot of girls, i also find Ira with his boyfriend in many romantic pictures ,for example in top of the mountain, Ira in the arms oh her boyfriend and with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,or on a ski slope again with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,or in front of a waterfall , and guess what ,again with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,and looking that really heart touching romantic pictures,

Where are these pictures? Why doesn’t he show them to all? He could make a screenshot to prove his words but there is no proof in his review. Why should I believe him then?

i take a look to the date , i thinking that maybe the girl not find a man on uadreams and have a light romantic affair , but it was clear after i look all the picture that these affair is last many years of course with the same young man, uadreams girls are not infidel at all they are very loyal to their ukrainian lovers ,so this relationship lasts from 2015 folks! . but not ira is the only one with serious long lasting relationship ,i find many many girls. now the other thing about nobody talk , it’s one thing that these girls have boyfriend, but the other thing that even if a girl don’t have boyfriend ,you still not have any chances , because these girl not want to have a serious relantionship with you , or any close contact ,so that is literaly double suck folks.

Where are the photos on these «many many girls»? He pretends to be a great storyteller, doesn’t he?.. It is easy to fabricate stories, but it is not easy to furnish them with proofs…

And i not talk like a philosop ,i talk from a lot of experience . As I said, I met many man in my search and cheated by uadreams , I read the reviews of other men here at trustpilot and I recognized one of, Mohamed Abdelrahman, he was cheated just like me, with a lot of money from uadreams, i meet him when i search after these bi…es ,the same girl used me and used him to make money . if anybody want to know things about uadreams ,ask him ,he knows a lot. One time a translator ask me if i realy think that i will find on uadreams a girl, i say yes i think i will , she say ………no, you will not ! . She have right ,now i know , at that time i know nothing i just have hope like all the man. I was in ukraine in the last 2 year many time , of course not to meet these swindler stone heart bi…es from uadreams . i was by myself alone, now i have a girlfriend , i have a fantastic luck to meet her , dont use uadreams ,dont use any sait , beter go by yourself or use vkontacte , but the best if you search in your own country.

Really? Do uadreams translators tell their clients something like that? That nobody would find a wife on this site? Did he see a page with love stories, real photos that prove everything? He plays by the air again.

So uadreams fu…g team would be quite thankful if i shared my members ID number in order to identify me as uadreams member ?? , M…er fu….s i will not shar anything , come and get me !!!!! understand ? come and get me !!!!!

He did’nt give his number, so he is not a real uadreams client. Do you have any questions more??