Devoted to men …

A friend of mine has just got me interested in the “women’s thoughts” topic. So here i am – publishing my own stuff concerning such an interesting question. Curious, what you guys will say? I hope you have managed to read it all. Oh, these women’s thoughts… Would like to see your comments below ))

«… Those, whom we call members of sterner sex! Please, read it!

For the lifetime I got only one desire – you to be men! Forget about the feminism fever – help women with their heavy bags, pay their cafe bills, open doors for them, protect them, take their business on your shoulders. Maybe, you will understand why it’s important, maybe once you get home and it’s all so cosy around, all your towels are dry and clean, your supper meal is smelling great and delicious and so on. Or maybe when it’s all going wrong – your job, business, friends, but she – your only one, always around you, kissing your hands, laying curled up like a kitty by your side and telling that you are the best. Or, maybe, when you realise that she got a lot weaker, being pregnant, or when after 12 hours delivery process she will give a birth to your heir.

Be more mindful to her. Stop needlessly stressing her with all your pride, “man’s logic”, strong nature. Call her. Especially when you quarrelled. If only you knew how bitter her tears are when she’s crying after your rude hang-ups, door-slammings… She cries not the way they showed it in movies, quietly in a pillow. She’s sobbing violently, smearing tears over her red, gummy face. People on the street can hear that, neighbours hear that. She suffers from the pain you gave you her. Call her and get back. Hold her hands and get her outta this mess like from a burning building.

Do not isult her. Do not yell at her. Your words are killing her. Her kind, affectionate nature. She may become very angry and very revengeful just because of that “bitch!” you once threw in her face. You could regret doing that many times, but it’s too late. A part of her has died, because you have no idea how unbearable it is to hear such things from darling and beloved one. You may make it up, but she won’t forget. She won’t remind you, but roll these memories in her mind once more, cry alone. And then, you, my dear members of sterner sex, wonder, where did she get so much of cynism and indifference. They’re made of scars you left.

Be jealous of her. Urdently, maniacally, explosively. Hit walls, stamp foot, crash everything around. But never tell her that he is responsible for that. Don’t chide her, do not blame her. Let “that motherfucker that was staring at you!” be guilty. She will remain sacred for you. Believe me, if she decides to cheat on you, she does it the way you never know about that. But if you cought her, then it means she did it for reason. She did it so you could express your love and your jealousy. It means she doubted your feelings. It means she is worried about your “WE”.

Say that to her as often as you can. Tell her that she is everything for you, that she makes your life. Let it be splendiferous like in movies. If she passes away tomorrow. And she will pass away some time. All of us sooner or later. Because our life is such an unpredictable thing, such a short thing. Can finish in a blink. So, if she passes away tomorrow, you won’t have a chance to tell her that. Give promises, don’t be greedy. She is so happy when she receives promises, when she’s dreaming of something, hoping for something better. She is so gorgeous at that moment… Doesn’t she deserve it? Is it all not worth those 15 minutes that you two were lying in an embrace, dreaming of your perfect future? It is worth! Every second is worth. Because there are almost no such moments during our lifetime.

And we are even framing ourselves! We plan, consider, we’re, idiots, damn it, building RELATIONSHIPS. We should live these relationships, just live ’em. Just be on fire, be in love, be in pain. We should say what we think right now, right at the moment.
Oh, just put aside your laptop, open a window and cry out loud: “I fucking LOVE YOU, silly” And let her laugh, forcing you to close the window, let her get red and let her be pseudo-angry. Just do it. And if she is not around, call her, open a window and all the above… And listen how she is smiling at the other end.

Pay her compliments. She is wearing this uncomfortable, but beautiful shoes for you, not for herself. She is wearing this comfortless, but sexy panties for you – not for herself. She is killing her face with expensive cosmetics. Or with cheap ones. Just buy some cool cosmetics for her! Love her! Be a man! She is about to get varicosity on these heels that you like so much! She is crying over tattered pantihose! She is trying to look so good for you. When you are not around she usually wears daddy’s huge old sweater, boxer shorts and ponytail.
Be attentive. Give gifts and make surprises. Just get a chocolate for her, just a chocolate. It won’t take much of your cash, power. But for her – this sweety – 15 seconds of happines, when you got this chocolate, gave to her saying “that’s for ya”. We make hours of these 15 seconds. During a worktime send a rose to her. Buy a soft teddy bear, when you are shopping in a supermarket. Take her out for a dinner. Or make a breakfast in bed. Meet her after she is out of workplace – let her colleagues get envious. And be always happy of every tiny thing she gives you. You probably don’t get that the point is not in what she brings but that she actually pays attention for you, not forgetting about ya. The point is that she always thinking of you, even more often than you can imagine! And it’s not a candy bar, cufflink or some “moleskine” scetchbook – it’s her love. It’s the way she shows her concern.

And become a real cavalier for God’s sake! Fight for her, protect her… Everything around is shitty shit, but she is your queen. And even if she is not right, don’t reveal it to anybody around. Because those who “around” won’t be loving you as she will, they won’t be brewing morning tea for you, they won’t tuck the blanket, you see. So don’t give a damn about them, exalt her higher than any of these persons, that are strangers to you. Because, just believe me, she will do the same. And to her, you are the the only one, and others don’t exist.

Put up with her hysterics. She is full of hormones, they are rebeling. But know that her tears, slobbers and snots that she’s throwing around the way the walls shiver – these all are not to make you angry so you cuss her out. But to make you come and hug her and say “It’s allright baby, i will never let you down”. And then you will fix up all problems together.

Forgive her. Always forgive. You can’t imagine how often she forgives you. It’s one of the most important things in relationships – an ability to forgive. To let it just GO.

Talk to her. Please, i’m begging you, don’t keep silent. She doesn’t understand you the same way you don’t understand her. Tell her the truth. Don’t leave her thinking and pondering what your silent actually meant. She may already have something in mind, you know, something like “oh, he’s seeing someone else, he doesn’t love me. Or he never did!” Talk to her. Save her from those bitter tears, days and minutes.

Men, every lady’s dream is not you driving BMW and taking her out on a resort in Spain, but, if you ever dump her, put the phone down on her or left her alone somewhere, you – to come to her the next day. WIth a buncha flowers. Or without flowers. Just come back. Suddenly. Come back and say: “I was wrong. I’m back”

Men! Love your woman, caress her, fight for her, carry her on hands. Be kindful towards her. Be the only one to her. Get her shocked with your surprises. You will soon understand what all these things are for. When the whole world betrays you, she, your only princess, will get you on her shoulders and take you up from the bottom of a sea. Then you will understand it all…”