Is Any Scam or Fraud In Anastasiadate?

My position would be neutral I must admit. I won’t judge, just give you some facts and details. I hope that would be interesting.

I have an experience before and the arguments I give are not worthless, may be you’ll find something useful. I surfed many dating sites, talked to many Ukrainian girls and sure I’ve heard many specific details from females.

Firstly I am interested if you are about to purchase some credits but haven’t done that you are lucky boy and you saved some funds of your wallet. But for those who have already done, well.. this is something to hear for you to feel not so lonely.

As far as I see Anastasiadate rejects the fact that they pay the ladies for emailing with men. Actually I don’t know if they do. Just wanted to mention that in general almost every agency does. For example one lady I met in Kyiv confirmed that she and other girls she knew were paid for their “job”. Also I was told that as a rule from $100 a girl receives only 10% – that is 100 of local money. I state that Anastasiadate did not accept such agreements however no one can be 100% sure and extraordinary situations may happen. And this is you who choose the truth: the first one is Anastasiadate that explained about eventually bad luck or the second one that lady who gave the explanation of Anastasiadate working process.

Right now I tell you what is about my experience. I mean what happened when I used services of Anastasiadate. I started to communicate with one girl, we sent several emails to each other, later I felt that probably I might have fallen in love with her that’s why my strongest wish was to call her immediately. Why call, because there was no other alternative approach to reach your interlocutor. Anastasiadate had “call me” services so I paid around $60 for that and we talked. But a little bit later my girl whose pictures I saw on the site every day was not going to call me. I am very sorry to give you a quote from her letter but in worse than mine English:

Chief of site this decided that would be good if with you speaking
is translaitor when I job. I don’t know no thing, but when
I saw this, I couldn’t do something because she told that will
send letter to you. Letters texting and chatting to you a translaitor.

I know that is really hard to read it but the main idea is clear enough that that was not my girl who wrote me letters but translator, and the translator was chatting and talking to me on the phone. The meaning of “chief” was about her agency’s chief or head manager or director but not of the Anastasiadate. But I paid a lot to Anastasiadate, so is this a scam case, how do you think? Is it a fraud?

Anastasiadate as I know the only one dating platform that uses the services of agencies. And many dating agencies offer their services to several dating sites. There is one more bad example of scam or fraud, I mean Find-brid dating site. One ex-girl of Anastasiadate site advised me to use this one for better if i were unsatisfied. But it came for nothing, this site wasn’t better. This site used the services of the same agency. How did opened the truth? with the help of that girl, she was about to leave from Anastasiadate and was having same video chat, be ready: with me, and on that site and this site of course.

What about these agencies? What are they?

The information is as follows: they are the additional help of big international sites as Anastasiadate. You can find ones almost in each Ukrainian city, they are centers of employment for ladies. They apply girls for necessary work for them. On can find specific advertisements everywhere in newspapers or job searching sites like

Jobs: Jobs, registration and international dating (Zhytomyr, NIkolaev, Ukraine)

Performance requirements for job:

Language practice and work dating for online correspondence and chats is urgently offered! No sex! High income with comfortable schedule is guaranteed! If you are creative, sociable, you know what is civility and diligence, you have a strong will to work and get money – you are welcome!

Working from home is also possible. General requirements:

1. Full age (confirmation document + a copy of the first page of the passport).
2. English, intermediate and upper levels.
3. PC skill and availability to work with a computer.

We are waiting for your CV via form ” Send CV “, do not forget to indicate the subject line (registration and international dating ).

Another one:

Job: Perervodchik, international dating (Nikolaev, Donetsk)

Performance requirements for job:

“Dream of love”, international dating organization performs romantic relationship arrangement. We offer high-quality and convenient service. If you like communicating with interesting people from all over the world – we are waiting for you! Free photoshooting and promotional videos for members, free translations organizing. We assist you to get the best result. A vacancy of marriage agency translator.

What we offer:

  • high salary comparing with other agencies
  • flexible schedule
  • 4 hours per day
  • employment stability
  • bonuses
  • comfortable working place or at home (your choice)
  • weekly compensations according to the work results
  • automatic counting of working hours available
  • collaboration with dating agencies:
    Natasha Club
    Foreign Affair
    Dream Marriage

What we expect:

  • English Intermediate
  • sociability
  • diligence

With international dating organization “Dream of love” you build up your own future. If interested, contact us any time (the references you may find on our site.) Please do not forget indicate the theme in the email with your CV attached.

Do girls receive what they expected? Here is a collaboration offer of Hanuma to dating agencies:

Dear Colleagues! Today we represent the opportunity to try affiliate program, if you are interested, please fill the form in.

Let us specify that the Marriage Agencies Union Hanuma Net Ltd. is the owner. This dating site was created with the aim to help men from all over the world to find a wife from Eastern Europe countries. Profiles of your female clients would be able to find interlocutors from Canada, USA, Australia, Western Europe and etc. Besides this is an opportunity for you to earn money as our services are non-free and are to be paid by our male clients. So being our affiliate, posting your profiles on our website you get commission for correspondence, translation, pictures delivery, gifts delivery, trips assistance.

Please find below our program payment specifications:

female profile registration – every activated female profile gets from $0,75 to $1,25 (depending on quality and quantity of uploaded pictures in each profile);

correspondence – every response from a lady gets $3,00 to $3,70 (depending on how fast a lady is able to reply and if she has a video clip to her profile uploaded), every new picture a man sends to a lady or receives from a lady – $1,00;

photo-exchanging – every new picture a man sends to a lady or receives from a lady – $1,00;

chats, video-chats – every second of chat – 0,25 cent, every second of video-chat – 0,50 cents of one-way streaming (a man watching lady’s web-cam video-streaming or vice versa), every second of video-chat with two video-streams – 0,75 cent (both webcam turned on);

conference calls – every conference call with one lady – $5 (we pay for technical organization and translator);

videos – every video review by a man – $0,12-1 (commission depends on quality and length);

gift delivery – each delivery – $5 plus the difference of gifts purchasing;

personal meetings organization – commissions for organizing personal meetings for your ladies and our men, plus fee for interpreter services delivering.

If you accept our program, please REGISTER HERE.

As you see, some other dating sites pay better price.