Tips to recognize Russian and Ukrainian dating scams

Want to find a girl to fall in love with you? Use internet to search for her anywhere in the world? I would like to give you some tips how to recognize Russian or Ukrainian scams and what to do you have to do if you are suspicious about a woman that you are communicating with.

Is this a topical problem yet? Yep, lots of people post to my blogs dedicated to Ukrainian and Russian dating websites, or directly mail me with questions like these:

“Is this girl real?”.
“What to do if I was scammed?”.
“Please help me to recognize Internet dating scams”.

Really, Russian or Ukrainian professional daters can swindle out your hard earned money. It became a true problem, which is in the spotlight of interest of the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ic3). Russian and Ukrainian online dating scams have already mugged more Western men than other scammers worldwide. Early recognizing of dating scams is very important step to stay safe.

Read my tips that will help you to distinguish dating scams:

Do not deal with a woman whom you hardly know. If she asks you for money simply do not answer. Just save your passion, money and time for a real person and real relationship.

Alternatively, tell her that you can visit her. Scammers are not interested in personal contacts.

Maybe, your date is not English speaker and her interpreter is demanding money for translation services. Then ask him for a personal ID: passport, driving license, tax ID, or anything else. Scams do not like to disclose their identity.

Sometimes, too good is bad. If your date confesses her love for you after a short conversation, her mailings become too romantic, etc. Otherwise, she says that things are going bad and only you can help her. You can almost be sure that it’s a part of a scam scheme. Never send money to an unknown person – stop the conversation, say that you can visit her and try to help on the spot. Do not be confused to ask for verification of her identity.

In the end, I would tell you that Russian and Ukrainian women are beautiful people, definitely worth to be loved. I am sure that you will find someone for love and romance. Most of Russian and Ukrainian woman are decent, you can trust them. Just do not trust your money to professional swindlers. I wish you good luck and long happy life together with a girl of your dreams. I hope that my tips will help you to avoid being scammed. Thank you for your attention!

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