Tips to recognize Russian and Ukrainian dating scams

Want to find a girl to fall in love with you? Use internet to search for her anywhere in the world? I would like to give you some tips how to recognize Russian or Ukrainian scams and what to do you have to do if you are suspicious about a woman that you are communicating with.

Is this a topical problem yet? Yep, lots of people post to my blogs dedicated to Ukrainian and Russian dating websites, or directly mail me with questions like these:

“Is this girl real?”.
“What to do if I was scammed?”.
“Please help me to recognize Internet dating scams”.

Really, Russian or Ukrainian professional daters can swindle out your hard earned money. It became a true problem, which is in the spotlight of interest of the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ic3). Russian and Ukrainian online dating scams have already mugged more Western men than other scammers worldwide. Early recognizing of dating scams is very important step to stay safe.

Read my tips that will help you to distinguish dating scams:

Do not deal with a woman whom you hardly know. If she asks you for money simply do not answer. Just save your passion, money and time for a real person and real relationship.

Alternatively, tell her that you can visit her. Scammers are not interested in personal contacts.

Maybe, your date is not English speaker and her interpreter is demanding money for translation services. Then ask him for a personal ID: passport, driving license, tax ID, or anything else. Scams do not like to disclose their identity.

Sometimes, too good is bad. If your date confesses her love for you after a short conversation, her mailings become too romantic, etc. Otherwise, she says that things are going bad and only you can help her. You can almost be sure that it’s a part of a scam scheme. Never send money to an unknown person – stop the conversation, say that you can visit her and try to help on the spot. Do not be confused to ask for verification of her identity.

In the end, I would tell you that Russian and Ukrainian women are beautiful people, definitely worth to be loved. I am sure that you will find someone for love and romance. Most of Russian and Ukrainian woman are decent, you can trust them. Just do not trust your money to professional swindlers. I wish you good luck and long happy life together with a girl of your dreams. I hope that my tips will help you to avoid being scammed. Thank you for your attention!

Making an Acquaintance and Building Relationships via Online Dating


In America online dating sites have become very popular, many Americans also successfully use mobile dating applications. So more than a half of such daters have already a date with a person they got acquainted via a dating site or online app, and one fifth part of them got married thanks to such sites and now happily live with their beloved spouse or long term partner. Thus people in this country have changed their attitude to online dating, it’s growing more positive lately, however there are still many of those who refer negatively to this way of making an acquaintance due to their previous not quite good experiences.

There was made a national survey on dating and relationships among Americans. It was the first thorough study of the topic done by Pew Research Center’s Internet Project for 8 years. Here some figures on the survey:

11% of internet users (that is equal to 9% of all American adult population) state that they have tried an online dating web sites. It is a remarkable grow of this service usage as no long as in 2008, only 3% of adults in America used online dating web sites.

7% of mobile phone app users (that is equal to 3% of all American adult population) state they have a dating app on their mobile phone.

According to the results of the survey, 11% of all adults in America belong to “online daters”, in other words they have tried a dating site or mobile dating application. To be more exact, this service is especially widespread in the circles of college-educated and among young people in their mid-20’s to mid-40’s, and 38% of the participants who are at the moment have no a spouse or a friend and are in active search of a partner have administered online dating from time to time as one more way to solve their task.

Some details on the survey.

The data provided by the report are based on the results of a survey on the the Internet usage by Americans. The finding were received from telephone interviews. The interviews were conducted by such an institution as Princeton Survey Research Associates International this year during the period from April 17 to May 19. Almost 2,252 adults aging 18 or older took part in the poll. The participants of the inquiry were interviewed in English and Spanish via land phoneline (1,125) and mobile phone (1,127, among whom 571 those without a landline phone). As for the findings of the survey in whole, percentage of errors that may take place during the poll constitute about plus or minus 2.3%. Talking on the results of the poll among Internet users (n=1,895), sampling errors are equal to plus or minus 2.5%.

Watch Out on Dating Scams While Searching for Your Love

Today, dating web services became very popular amongst Americans. Lots of people already found their spouse, soul mate, or sparkling romance online. Unfortunately, various scams use dating sites to find easy prey – lonely credulous people in pursuit of love.
Those scammers invade chatting rooms and social networks, searching for passionate victims. Most of them pretend to be Americans: travellers or expats. Most of them in fact live abroad. Widowed or divorced middle aged women are the most vulnerable demographic cluster for scams. However, some of those criminals specialize in other groups, such as elderly men and women, or disabled.

The scheme of scamming is like this: a handsome man (woman), who has a nice profile on some social media site, shows you some sign of interest. You may have a long period of conversation, while a scammer tries to create close personal ties with you. He or she can even send you a gift, like a perfume or a bouquet of flowers. But earlier or later you will be asked for money.

If you send your “dear friend” some amount of money, it will become the beginning of your “commercial relationship” with the scams. They will make up different hardships and difficult living situations that only your material support is able to resolve. The scammer may also send you checks asking you to cash it because he or she is temporarily out of the country and therefore cannot cash them, or you may be asked to forward a package.

If something like this happens then you have come under attack of criminals. Possibly, they have gathered your personal information from your accounts on social media or matchmaking Internet sites. Their deceptive web profiles are specially concocted to meet your preferences and interests. The pictures from the profiles were downloaded from the open profiles of other users.

In this case you probably not only lose your money, but also take part in an illegal money laundering pattern by cashing checks, sending the money abroad, or by shipping stolen goods.

There is a newly invented scheme where soon after meeting on a dating website you are asked for a further contact on a certain social network website. After getting access to your personal data the scam provokes explicit intimate conversations with you. In the aftermath you will receive a link to a site where your photos, personal information and conversations along with an accusation that you are a cheater are posted. The scammers will offer you to pay a definite sum of money, say 100 dollars, if you want this information being removed. You may send them money, but there is no warranty that the deal will be executed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement organizations work with work with such cases. The cases of particular interest are that which concern many victims or large sums of money. Many cases are investigated by state or local authorities.

If you were abused by a dating criminal, you are recommended to send a complaint to the US Internet Crime Complaint Center. IC3 officers will investigate your complaint. Also, they will analyze common threads, trying to link different complaints together in order to identify scammers.

These actions will help the authorities to prevent further malpractices.

Below, we put together some guidelines on how to escape becoming a victim of dating scams. Your online “friend” may be a cheater if he (she):

  • confesses his (her) love for you from the start of the conversation;
  • says that he (she) is American who temporarily lives or travels abroad;
  • forces you to leave the site where you have got acquainted with him or she, and start communicating through a certain social network website;
  • sends you photographs which look as if they were taken from a glamour magazine;
  • says about plans to visit you, but after a short while starts to complain about some kind of problems involving money;
  • declares about some financial troubles concerning health, children, tragic events, etc.

If you want to keep safe from scammers, you are recommended to well-known web matchmaking services with a good reputation.

Why international fiances are scared to become victims of scammers?

To begin with, to those who doesn’t know, I’ll try to explain who are the Scammers, with whom overseas men do not want to face with ( I was in this majority as well, no scams anymore in my life!).. So, I get started my review.

Scammer – (comes from English ‘scam’) fraud, cheat, swindler.

Scammers or scams – are people, who post on international dating sites pictures of Russian lady-celebrities and present them as Russian fiancees, who are looking for husbands from abroad.

Afterwards, everything is going by the scheme. The ‘Lady’ make declarations of suddenly appeared passionate love, writes letters full of flaming serious feelings and will of staying with him forever, ‘counts days’ until they meet … Of course, the man is caught into their hands. Each man wants to believe that he is loved and desired.

The simple letters exchange turns into an On-line romance. Then the foreign man, as it is quite natural, invite is beloved to visit his country. And here the most interesting thing starts… The girl starts telling him about his disastrous life being, her incapability to pay for visa and flight tickets. And how sorry she is for not coming. The perspective husband loses his head because of love and sympathy, he proposes to pay for everything, only his love to be next to him.

So, the ‘Fish’, i.e. foreign fiancé, is caught in sophisticatedly placed nets. From now on not much left: to get money… As soon as money get to the scammer’s hands, the ‘beloved lady’ disappears without a sign…

Confused and swindled fiance is left without both – money and lady on whom he was looking forward to marry with. As you understand, no one wants to be in his shoes…

This is short review scenario, that is usually followed by the scammers. Of course there are variations to it, but the heart of the problem and outcome are always the same – money get to the scam’s pockets, and the foreigners’ opinion about Russian women becomes lower and lower with each such situation.

How to avoid this? There are plenty of web-sites and articles in Internet, in which many scammer’s secrets are revealed, you can even find there the list of scammers, pictures of lady-scams, their names, surnames and e-mails. You can make review. Unfortunately, all that is not always sufficient, but at least some beginning is established.

Many dating sites use ANTI-SCAM programs and provide full informationt in this field, that help to screen and eliminate ‘undesirable persons’ and not to frighten away the foreign fiancés.

How to protect and not to get to difficult situation the girl herself? It is quite easy to get into the ‘scammers’ list’. When you get to the dating site and start your communication with men – be careful, listen more to what he is telling you, and try not to tell him a a lot about yourself.
There are not only negative things surround us in our lives. You are not responsible for other peoples’ actions. And many people believe, that women will find their love with happy ending even though it is far away from home.

How scams lie to the potential victim and how police can catch them

Online dating scammers have become recently spread on the social networks and on the dating websites. They make the potential victim send a big sum of money to the unknown person. Thus, the embezzlement of money happens on online dating websites, when the scammer wins the confidence of his victim. Herewith the dating scams give usually the following information:

– ill-founded data about his personality (face deception)
– false information on the subject of ownership (cheating in the subject)
– false information about his intentions (cheating in intentions)
– distorted facts (fraud in the circumstances)
– false documents (deceit in property and money)

The complexity of these crimes is that the scammers can actually commit criminal actions, not being tied to the IP address, for example dating scams can use computer of the internet cafés; scammers can make use of stolen SIM card or be in cahoots with its owner, they may also use the account of a nominee name.

Online dating fraud is one of the scammers’ methods when the police, having no experience about embezzlements in the area of Information Technologies, cannot conduct search operations, that could let convict the guilty person. To disclose the embezzlement of money on online dating services the police must have the following information:

  • IP address
  • E-mail address, which has registered username
  • Decoding of the e-mail address and access to e-mail
  • Tracking of permanent address in case if IP is not static
  • Tracking entry and exit points, which are duplicated with Internet Mail Service
  • Getting permission of the court in order to find phone’s IMEI, where the card is inserted with the subsequent SIM card replacement. Thereafter it follows working off on participation in a crime of the owners and the users
  • The other ways and methods, which must be used by the officers of police

Scammers on online dating websites act so, that the dating scams play with the pure feelings of their victim, and ask cheated person to transfer a sum of money to his bank account (mobile phone or electronic account). It is worth noting, that the scammers give the victim false information about his personality, what includes putting on the websites not only ill-founded data but also the pictures, which have nothing to do with the real person.

Usually online dating scams use those people, who fell in love with the criminal whereupon he stops controlling his mind. But the victims are always connected with their self-imagined lie. Be careful!!

Scamming Online: The Top Four Ways of Making You Scammed

Those who are fond of visiting dating sites, often get into dating scams. If you don’t know for sure, I will describe you everything. This topic is rather up to date and if you are aware of it, your life will be safer. Do not let cheaters spoil your life. There are four stories about dating scam. Some of these examples are rather frequent and vivid, but some of them are not. So, follow the information.

You go to one of dating sites and search for your lover. You have a desire to find a partner of your dream and always rely on people sensibleness. So, how could you really believe these people and be sure in their feelings?

If you were cheated on line on a dating site, don’t worry. There are millions of people like you. One of the latest researches in the USA showed that usual visitors of dating sites spend more than $600 million on dating. It is the biggest paid content wherever else.

Usual scams are well known for most of the people. There can be simple not serious lies, but there are huge serious cases. To avoid them you should be aware of their peculiarities and the next will help you with that. Read the next stories and get know how to avoid to be scammed.

1. The other person, the other life.

When we meet a person in real life, we watch at his appearance first. The same story is about dating sites. When you register there, you try to show your best. But there is one disadvantage – people hide in front of the computer and can show us the different information, not the real, just to seem more beautiful. And when you find it out, you can name it a scam.

So, here is one good way to find out the lies. If a person sounds strange and you do not believe him at 100%, just ask him questions as much as you can.

If you are sure that a person tells you the truth, ask for a photo to send for you. But take into consideration that a person may send you any photo from any period of his life. So, you should also not believe it for sure.

Mind that there may be emotionally unstable people. To be sure in a person don’t date him in quiet places, better meet on public, tell your close people, that you are on a date and where it is, and don’t spread too much information about yourself.

A famous on line magazine offers you to do the next:

  • Don’t give your full real name on the site and get new anonymous email account. Don’t enter too much information about yourself on this account.
  • Don’t mention your home telephone number anywhere. Only use your mobile phone number if necessary. If a person knows your home number, he is able to find your address easily. (There are scammers, who will find your address even without this number, but this is not an easy deal).
  • Use your car or whatever to drive to the place of dating and back home. Don’t let an unknown person know where you live. If there is no such an opportunity, ask your friend to do this or call a taxi.
  • If you visit a public place on the date, pay some part of money for the bill. In this case your partner will have nothing to fait from you as a return.

2. A married one.

The recent research showed that the most part of men, who are registered on dating sites, are already married. But there is no certain number for women.

Find out a married person with the help of the next advice, though it will be difficult sometimes:

Watch for the photo carefully. If a person is married, he will probably use a dark unattractive photo. People do this, because if a picture will be too attractive, somebody may notice and recognize him.

Your couple asks for your number, but doesn’t give his one. It is also safer, as he in his turn can use any different number to call you or simply block is so not to let you know the real number.

The time period, when your partner contacts you, is limited or regular. If a partner calls you at some special periods, it may mean that he chooses a moment when his wife or other people don’t hear him. He may not answer your calls for a long time. You may send him messages and get a response only after some hours.

When you knew your partner a good piece of time, but he doesn’t want you to be introduced to his friends and family. Usually married people want as less people as possible to know his lover. You may ask him this question, as why is he hiding you or information about his close people.

3. Email scam, but not a date.

Some of the dating may not be as they are at all. It may be just a scam or email marketing.

It may often happen when you go to the dating site for the first time. Also there it can be the first time you are registered there and chat with people. From the first minutes of your chatting you are asking to give an email address and spam comes therefrequently. But you will never also meet this person and will never know the person. Well, this is rather annoying.

So, the solution exists after all. Just don’t tell anyone your email name. Only you know for sure that a person is real, you may let him know this. It is even better to create a separate anonymous address in order to leave it in case something of the sort happens.

4. Blackmailing: a dangerous scam.

And now we moved to the most serious and disappointing way of scamming – shakedown by women (there are even men, who introduce and act like a woman).

The situation is that a person tells that he really likes you and wants to see you. Then as he sees that you trust him, he starts asking for money. Usually he needs money for a ticket to see you. Sometimes somebody is ill. You send money and a person disappears forever.

But this situation is easy to predict and recognize. Don’t believe people who ask for money. Scams on dating sites have a long history. But nowadays this particular way is only gaining momentum. I hope that I have helped you a lot. Now you may feel safe and try the methods, which were described above.

Let’s Decide, Why On-line Dating Is Not Easier than in Real Life

When you fail to seek for love in real live and go to the Internet, you will discover that it’s not as easy as sometimes it seems from the first sight. Every beginner in this “sphere” makes a range of mistakes, which you should avoid. And here is a thing, which you should pay an attention to. Here is an opinion from the woman’s sight, a woman, who looks for love on line.

Well, dating sites are like a catalogue. You come, choose and try to compete and survive there. The strongest are the best here. You put descriptions of yourself and see information about others, provide photos of you in different situations, from cute photo at home or a crazy picture from somewhere. You see whether you approach someone or not. In many cases you start criticizing yourself, but that’s OK. Such a feeling is good for dating sites to survive; otherwise everybody on these sites would have relations with each other. But still it is not an easy thing to courtship after a woman, totally as in real life.

Find here several reasons, which will show you why on line dating is not easier than meeting in real life:

1. Men make photos of themselves in the mirror.

So, on line dating has become safer in the recent years. But still, the quality of the pictures, typed there, are really poor and their quality is constantly getting lower. You never know, whether the boy or a girl from a photo is cute and nice. The first impression may be so damaged that there is no interest in it further. Men take their photos in the mirror in such poses that they seem not what they really are. He seems like a too self-assured person, whom I would not like to get acquainted with.

2. A character with no photo.

There is a range of such people, who do not have a photo on the profile, but have suchlike things written there, as if they would send you the photo if you ask for it. Or somebody tell you beforehand that you must like him no matter what the photo is. But if a person has no photo, I will even not be interested in you. Such people may seem strange, unattractive and too shy. Nobody will spend time on your requests when there is a range of interesting personages all around.

3. People who wink for the photo.

Well, let me say that we do not often give “winks” to each other in real life. Still, sometimes it may seem as a problem with your nervous system. But as for me, winking means a kind of aggression. It seems to me that most of people feel the same. So, don’t people be confused and feel uncomfortable while chatting with you. One guy did the same when I had a conversation with him on a forum. We talked for a while and then he disappeared for some time. After this period he suddenly sent me a “wink”. A question arouse in my mind, that how could it be so?

4. Sympathetic headlines.

Sometimes I read men’s profiles and have kind of mixed feelings. When you read something like “Nice Guy Who Finishes Last”, what would you feel? It seems like they don’t like themselves, they are sorry for even existing here. Such people don’t deserve my attention and time to conversation. I even automatically have no desire to get acquainted with him. It is really better to write a quotation of a famous person or a joke, than making people feel pity for you.

5. Talks about destiny.

Many men use unsuitable word in all cases and situations. How many times have I heard such clichés as if I was somebody’s destine, other people were searching for me for the whole like or something of the sort. Well, from one side it flatters me, but from the other side, I can’t distinguish between those people, who are cheating me, and those, who are really honest with me. I’m too tired of such responses and they are no more interesting for me and even sound silly.

6. Predefined rejections.

Well, this point is still strange for me, you know. I start feeling on line dating no more than a business. It seems like a response from job, for example. It is lack of warmth and friendliness there. I feel so that I must answer a person who wrote me, because he spend some time on it and put all his heart there. I can’t just ignore him. But now I even have no particular feeling about it. Sometimes it is maybe better to do this, although I do not appreciate it. I see that it is normal for Internet world of dating now.

7. Hunting.

While you are afraid for your information to be hunted for in real life, think about the world of Internet. Thousands or even millions of people can find it, read and examine it. One day a person wrote me that he found my profile and blog through Google. So, I was interested in it and tried to do the same. I went to Google, entered my personal information, but nothing happened. I was so frightened! So, there is so much space in the Internet, where you can work!