How scams lie to the potential victim and how police can catch them

Online dating scammers have become recently spread on the social networks and on the dating websites. They make the potential victim send a big sum of money to the unknown person. Thus, the embezzlement of money happens on online dating websites, when the scammer wins the confidence of his victim. Herewith the dating scams give usually the following information:

– ill-founded data about his personality (face deception)
– false information on the subject of ownership (cheating in the subject)
– false information about his intentions (cheating in intentions)
– distorted facts (fraud in the circumstances)
– false documents (deceit in property and money)

The complexity of these crimes is that the scammers can actually commit criminal actions, not being tied to the IP address, for example dating scams can use computer of the internet cafés; scammers can make use of stolen SIM card or be in cahoots with its owner, they may also use the account of a nominee name.

Online dating fraud is one of the scammers’ methods when the police, having no experience about embezzlements in the area of Information Technologies, cannot conduct search operations, that could let convict the guilty person. To disclose the embezzlement of money on online dating services the police must have the following information:

  • IP address
  • E-mail address, which has registered username
  • Decoding of the e-mail address and access to e-mail
  • Tracking of permanent address in case if IP is not static
  • Tracking entry and exit points, which are duplicated with Internet Mail Service
  • Getting permission of the court in order to find phone’s IMEI, where the card is inserted with the subsequent SIM card replacement. Thereafter it follows working off on participation in a crime of the owners and the users
  • The other ways and methods, which must be used by the officers of police

Scammers on online dating websites act so, that the dating scams play with the pure feelings of their victim, and ask cheated person to transfer a sum of money to his bank account (mobile phone or electronic account). It is worth noting, that the scammers give the victim false information about his personality, what includes putting on the websites not only ill-founded data but also the pictures, which have nothing to do with the real person.

Usually online dating scams use those people, who fell in love with the criminal whereupon he stops controlling his mind. But the victims are always connected with their self-imagined lie. Be careful!!

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