Ua nightmare Dreams with the tongue deep in…

Sometimes I stumble upon negative rewievs about uadreams, but here I don’t see evidences of any facts these person talks about… He is anonymous. Perhaps he is just a fake person? And you will never be able to get any evidence of the things he is speaking about…

ua(nightmare) Dreams, now i don’t want to lie like uadreams lie such an elegant and outrageous way ,i’m not sure that i not write correct the girl id ,or uadreams change it to make a confusion and discredit my words in that way ,uadreams very good at this . But anyway I talked about Ira from ivano-frankivsk and yes now Ira 6575 25 years old from Ivanofrankovsk the same girl.

Let me tell you something , i spend more than a year every f…g day 15 hour a day to find these bi….s on every media site ,and i find a lot of girls, i also find Ira with his boyfriend in many romantic pictures ,for example in top of the mountain, Ira in the arms oh her boyfriend and with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,or on a ski slope again with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,or in front of a waterfall , and guess what ,again with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,and looking that really heart touching romantic pictures,

Where are these pictures? Why doesn’t he show them to all? He could make a screenshot to prove his words but there is no proof in his review. Why should I believe him then?

i take a look to the date , i thinking that maybe the girl not find a man on uadreams and have a light romantic affair , but it was clear after i look all the picture that these affair is last many years of course with the same young man, uadreams girls are not infidel at all they are very loyal to their ukrainian lovers ,so this relationship lasts from 2015 folks! . but not ira is the only one with serious long lasting relationship ,i find many many girls. now the other thing about nobody talk , it’s one thing that these girls have boyfriend, but the other thing that even if a girl don’t have boyfriend ,you still not have any chances , because these girl not want to have a serious relantionship with you , or any close contact ,so that is literaly double suck folks.

Where are the photos on these «many many girls»? He pretends to be a great storyteller, doesn’t he?.. It is easy to fabricate stories, but it is not easy to furnish them with proofs…

And i not talk like a philosop ,i talk from a lot of experience . As I said, I met many man in my search and cheated by uadreams , I read the reviews of other men here at trustpilot and I recognized one of, Mohamed Abdelrahman, he was cheated just like me, with a lot of money from uadreams, i meet him when i search after these bi…es ,the same girl used me and used him to make money . if anybody want to know things about uadreams ,ask him ,he knows a lot. One time a translator ask me if i realy think that i will find on uadreams a girl, i say yes i think i will , she say ………no, you will not ! . She have right ,now i know , at that time i know nothing i just have hope like all the man. I was in ukraine in the last 2 year many time , of course not to meet these swindler stone heart bi…es from uadreams . i was by myself alone, now i have a girlfriend , i have a fantastic luck to meet her , dont use uadreams ,dont use any sait , beter go by yourself or use vkontacte , but the best if you search in your own country.

Really? Do uadreams translators tell their clients something like that? That nobody would find a wife on this site? Did he see a page with love stories, real photos that prove everything? He plays by the air again.

So uadreams fu…g team would be quite thankful if i shared my members ID number in order to identify me as uadreams member ?? , M…er fu….s i will not shar anything , come and get me !!!!! understand ? come and get me !!!!!

He did’nt give his number, so he is not a real uadreams client. Do you have any questions more??

Meaning of flirting for women

It’s no secret that flirting at an early stage means for women only one thing: to know what you’re doing and start a conversation to find out what kind a person you are. Flirting for them is a stable state of mind and develops in two directions: to say and do some things so that a man came to the conclusion who a woman really is. Here is a list of the most common questions, asked by a woman to herself:

  • What does he do?
  • Is he a cheerful one?
  • Is he an ambitious man?
  • Does he value sensual pleasures to be interesting in bed?
  • Will it be awkward to him if a girl introduces him to her friends?
  • Is he a gentleman?
  • What is more important for him: to be reliable or cheerful?

Women in dating with men have rather the investment approach: before closely acquainted with a guy, they carefully study all the details. This feature is associated with the desire to see the future of her relationship.

Women hate to waste time on a relationship that afterwards bring them pain. That’s why women are so fond of all kinds of horoscopes and fortune-telling, because they promise interpretation of hidden events and insight to the future.

How to understand women’s intentions.

Telling of life stories and the correct interpretation of woman’s words will help you to understand what she really wants.

The right approach will create you all opportunities for the familiarity with a girl. To accomplish this, follow these tips:

  • Tell to a girl any life story – let she’ll understand what kind of human you are. It should be a real personal story, not just to support the conversation.
  • When you’ve listened her stories, find out which person she is and what her personality type – select the brightest her highlight and tell her, that you respect these qualities. No need to complicate, you can start with a simple “I think this your hobby is really outstanding”. A woman will surely love such a compliment and it will help you to build an emotional connection.
  • When she tells you about herself, try yourself to grasp the meaning of her words. If a girl says she loves to travel do not tell her your travel story. Instead, ask if she likes the risk. Rate what the girl tells you, keep her words and you will quickly find common ground with her.
  • After establishing an emotional connection, it’s important not to overdo. If she likes to risk, you shouldn’t tell that you knew or assumed such quality in her; otherwise it would be a mistake and she (most likely) will tear off the conversation.
  • To interpret her words correctly, you can also turn to her with jokes. For example, if a girl says that she’s studying, but doesn’t say what namely she’s studying then you can say as a joke: “I think after graduation you’ll become a secret agent. How do you see in the superspy image?” Remember, when communicating online, that such jokes may be unsuccessful. Besides, the matter is complicated, when across cultural or language differences. For example, women from Russia are often very serious – it’ll not be easy to amuse them. Act carefully, be creative and you’ll easily understand the true meaning of a woman’s words.

Once you get to understand the nature of flirting and correctly interpret words during a conversation with a girl, you’ll be able to carry on a conversation on a variety of topics easily. In this way you can get accurate information about woman’s nature and habits, and also to establish a deep emotional connection with her.

Fascinating personal stories – the key to your success

Why you should use a life (personal) narrative.

One of the key episodes of successful dating necessarily involves telling some personal story. Please, note that women often carefully delve into such stories; so, the ability to present a good and sincere personal story is very a important and useful skill for any man.

In this article we’ll try to give you useful tips on how namely and when you’d use personal stories from your life, when dating.

The value of personal stories.

A good personal story, told for a couple of minutes, has a truly crucial meaning for several reasons:

It gently puts initial intense atmosphere of your meeting into less tense and removes the awkwardness in communication. There’s a certain type of women, who feel large uncomfortable if everyone is silent. This can happen, if you’re waiting for a waiter in a restaurant, or when you spend her home, and suddenly appear uneasy silence on the way. That’s why a fascinating personal story is a great way to avoid potential embarrassment.

It quickly and very clearly reflects the uniqueness of your personality, because you don’t have a lot of time to create strong relationships, and personal story helps to do this. An interesting life story will show the girl what kind of men you are: who loves travels and adventures, attentive and cheerful. And all this she’ll understand in just 2-3 minutes (if you tell your story skillfully), and believe that this story she will remember for a very long time.

A life story helps psychologically: you have confidence that you’ll not fall into awkward silence – many are worried because of this. Having in stock a few interesting life stories, you’ll always find a way to keep a fascinating conversation with your girl.

A life story gives solace to a woman that she doesn’t need to build the entire conversation herself. When you begin to communicate with a girl, she’s always nervous that the subject will soon be exhausted and there will be an awkward pause. Telling her a stirring personal story for a couple of minutes, you will comfort her, because she’ll exactly know – you will always be able to continue the conversation and make it interesting.

Now you need to learn some key points, important for every gentleman: how to talk the first time, how to express your idea quickly and when namely make transitions between different stories.

The key moments in telling of personal stories.


Below we give some key points to build good and interesting personal stories:

  • Select a topic of your story.
  • The moment when you saw or made yourself something fun and unusual. Naturally, all unusual causes true interest; it shows that you are able to get pleasure from life and go beyond the daily routine. For example: “Recently at the London airport I saw a guy, dressed as something unusual. It was difficult to understand whether he would a model or an ordinary homeless. Let me tell you what he was wearing…”
  • The moment, when after your arrival happened something funny. This will show that you are continuously exploring the world and able to work, even when the plans violated. A good topic for stories – travels, because of they are usually interest to all women and immediately enliven the conversation. Example: “Last year I was in Sicily, where visited small poor towns there. One night I was sitting in a local street café and suddenly heard playing music in the distance. My friends and I went on the music sounds to see what happened there…”
  • Tell about a fun social event, where you’d participated. This will show that you are an optimist in life and love funny things, which the girl will likely want to join too.
  • Create a small voltage and then eliminate it. Each personal story start with creating a voltage so that the woman wondered “what happened next and how it all ended. This is an important moment in maintaining your interlocutor’s interest.
  • Do not keep the voltage for long – people usually keep short concentration. So do not be distracted or add extra. Your goal is not in a maximum long story, and in such history, which would have expressed your life position and character traits.
  • Do not brag! The mistake of many men – telling of stories, which that represent them as heroes. We do not recommend doing so; it doesn’t attract women – they can feel false and simply a desire to impress. Often this immediately shows an insecure person, trying to invent a heroic story. For example, it’s better to say that attending the show with a mechanical bull you were dropped on the ground by it, than telling you’ve defeated everybody and won the contest. The girl will respect you just for your cheerful disposition and love to adventures. The fact that bull had dropped you on the ground will show her, that you’re a self-confident man and do not try to make some impression on her.

The ability to tell interesting personal stories is the most important part of dating that shows you a real gentleman. A pair of fascinating and exciting stories will raise your relationship to a whole new level. Adhering to these tips you will spend a successful first date and create a favorable atmosphere for the continuation of your relationship.

Love and money in Internet. Review how to escape scams’ traps.

Usually, scammers create profiles using photographs of other people with fake information. Without a doubt, the pictures you see are of real people, who do not even imagine that their pictures are used for frauds (sometimes scams use pictures of little-known actresses or singers). Methods of misappropriation of somebody else’s money differ depending on situation, but the general comment scheme is the same. Scammers try to manipulate emotions, pretending that she is ‘exactly what you need’, and as soon as they feel that you have swallowed the bait, they will make everything possible for you to send them money.

Here are a couple of simple advices about how to avoid scams on dating sites:

Firstly, be vigilant, if the person, with whom you have correspondence with not for a long time starts to make love declarations. Generally, scam letters are very warm, disposal to the author from the very beginning. But if you simply think, you will understand that before the big feeling appears between you too, at least you need to have quite long correspondence.

Secondly, look closer to the letters. In majority of cases scams do not waste time to write letters filled up with true love, that is why they use templates, in which they just change the name and a couple of details. Commonly, the scammer do not bother to read letters carefully and reply thoughtfully on them. You can easily find this out by asking her a couple of questions and see how she reacts and replies.

As soon as the cheat makes sure, that she spent enough time to correspond with you, she will start to try to put through the fraud.

Depends on her patience, it can be a short-term correspondence or the one, that lasts for weeks. No matter how long is the correspondence, as soon as the scams sees that you have swallowed the bait, she will ask you for money. For example, these possible options:

  • the girl wants to come to your country, but she needs money for the flight ticket, visa and just ‘for trip’;
  • requirements for the lady to get the USA visa are very strict, I can even call them blasphemous. She needs to show that she has a good-payed job, that she owns her own flat or house, that she has kids, who stay with her relatives for the time when she is away, etc. Of course this lady can tell you that she knows the travel agent, who can assist her to get the visa and flight tickets. If she tells you all that, you 100 per cent corresponding with scam, because it is impossible to obtain the USA visa illegally.
  • she needs money for medical reasons (for herself or her relatives).
  • she will tell you how hard is her life and ask you to help her financially (send her money for beautiful and good quality clothes, shoes). In this case buy all that by yourself and send it to her.

For what ‘merits’ can you get to the black list of scammers?

Nowadays, there are heaps of web-sites with scammers’ lists, half of which is simply fake. Many men complaints are simply lies and misrepresentation. If you see in the scam list the picture with the girl’s name and address, ask the owner of the site for what the lady go there.

Without a doubt, there are real scam-lists, where you can find together with pictures and different names, their addresses, the full correspondence, numbers of money transfers, dates and other. If there is none of mentioned above, then it can be she was placed there by the man, whom she refused to correspond with.

By following these simple rules, you will easily determine the scam, who wants just to improve their well-being on your account and escape any liabilities.

To sum up, from my own experience, I can say that it does not really matter where and how to meet people, because you can encounter frauds anywhere, just many more of them in the net. My last parting wishes:

  • do not tell much about yourself;
  • as soon as you are asked for money – finish your correspondence.

Devoted to men …

A friend of mine has just got me interested in the “women’s thoughts” topic. So here i am – publishing my own stuff concerning such an interesting question. Curious, what you guys will say? I hope you have managed to read it all. Oh, these women’s thoughts… Would like to see your comments below ))

«… Those, whom we call members of sterner sex! Please, read it!

For the lifetime I got only one desire – you to be men! Forget about the feminism fever – help women with their heavy bags, pay their cafe bills, open doors for them, protect them, take their business on your shoulders. Maybe, you will understand why it’s important, maybe once you get home and it’s all so cosy around, all your towels are dry and clean, your supper meal is smelling great and delicious and so on. Or maybe when it’s all going wrong – your job, business, friends, but she – your only one, always around you, kissing your hands, laying curled up like a kitty by your side and telling that you are the best. Or, maybe, when you realise that she got a lot weaker, being pregnant, or when after 12 hours delivery process she will give a birth to your heir.

Be more mindful to her. Stop needlessly stressing her with all your pride, “man’s logic”, strong nature. Call her. Especially when you quarrelled. If only you knew how bitter her tears are when she’s crying after your rude hang-ups, door-slammings… She cries not the way they showed it in movies, quietly in a pillow. She’s sobbing violently, smearing tears over her red, gummy face. People on the street can hear that, neighbours hear that. She suffers from the pain you gave you her. Call her and get back. Hold her hands and get her outta this mess like from a burning building.

Do not isult her. Do not yell at her. Your words are killing her. Her kind, affectionate nature. She may become very angry and very revengeful just because of that “bitch!” you once threw in her face. You could regret doing that many times, but it’s too late. A part of her has died, because you have no idea how unbearable it is to hear such things from darling and beloved one. You may make it up, but she won’t forget. She won’t remind you, but roll these memories in her mind once more, cry alone. And then, you, my dear members of sterner sex, wonder, where did she get so much of cynism and indifference. They’re made of scars you left.

Be jealous of her. Urdently, maniacally, explosively. Hit walls, stamp foot, crash everything around. But never tell her that he is responsible for that. Don’t chide her, do not blame her. Let “that motherfucker that was staring at you!” be guilty. She will remain sacred for you. Believe me, if she decides to cheat on you, she does it the way you never know about that. But if you cought her, then it means she did it for reason. She did it so you could express your love and your jealousy. It means she doubted your feelings. It means she is worried about your “WE”.

Say that to her as often as you can. Tell her that she is everything for you, that she makes your life. Let it be splendiferous like in movies. If she passes away tomorrow. And she will pass away some time. All of us sooner or later. Because our life is such an unpredictable thing, such a short thing. Can finish in a blink. So, if she passes away tomorrow, you won’t have a chance to tell her that. Give promises, don’t be greedy. She is so happy when she receives promises, when she’s dreaming of something, hoping for something better. She is so gorgeous at that moment… Doesn’t she deserve it? Is it all not worth those 15 minutes that you two were lying in an embrace, dreaming of your perfect future? It is worth! Every second is worth. Because there are almost no such moments during our lifetime.

And we are even framing ourselves! We plan, consider, we’re, idiots, damn it, building RELATIONSHIPS. We should live these relationships, just live ’em. Just be on fire, be in love, be in pain. We should say what we think right now, right at the moment.
Oh, just put aside your laptop, open a window and cry out loud: “I fucking LOVE YOU, silly” And let her laugh, forcing you to close the window, let her get red and let her be pseudo-angry. Just do it. And if she is not around, call her, open a window and all the above… And listen how she is smiling at the other end.

Pay her compliments. She is wearing this uncomfortable, but beautiful shoes for you, not for herself. She is wearing this comfortless, but sexy panties for you – not for herself. She is killing her face with expensive cosmetics. Or with cheap ones. Just buy some cool cosmetics for her! Love her! Be a man! She is about to get varicosity on these heels that you like so much! She is crying over tattered pantihose! She is trying to look so good for you. When you are not around she usually wears daddy’s huge old sweater, boxer shorts and ponytail.
Be attentive. Give gifts and make surprises. Just get a chocolate for her, just a chocolate. It won’t take much of your cash, power. But for her – this sweety – 15 seconds of happines, when you got this chocolate, gave to her saying “that’s for ya”. We make hours of these 15 seconds. During a worktime send a rose to her. Buy a soft teddy bear, when you are shopping in a supermarket. Take her out for a dinner. Or make a breakfast in bed. Meet her after she is out of workplace – let her colleagues get envious. And be always happy of every tiny thing she gives you. You probably don’t get that the point is not in what she brings but that she actually pays attention for you, not forgetting about ya. The point is that she always thinking of you, even more often than you can imagine! And it’s not a candy bar, cufflink or some “moleskine” scetchbook – it’s her love. It’s the way she shows her concern.

And become a real cavalier for God’s sake! Fight for her, protect her… Everything around is shitty shit, but she is your queen. And even if she is not right, don’t reveal it to anybody around. Because those who “around” won’t be loving you as she will, they won’t be brewing morning tea for you, they won’t tuck the blanket, you see. So don’t give a damn about them, exalt her higher than any of these persons, that are strangers to you. Because, just believe me, she will do the same. And to her, you are the the only one, and others don’t exist.

Put up with her hysterics. She is full of hormones, they are rebeling. But know that her tears, slobbers and snots that she’s throwing around the way the walls shiver – these all are not to make you angry so you cuss her out. But to make you come and hug her and say “It’s allright baby, i will never let you down”. And then you will fix up all problems together.

Forgive her. Always forgive. You can’t imagine how often she forgives you. It’s one of the most important things in relationships – an ability to forgive. To let it just GO.

Talk to her. Please, i’m begging you, don’t keep silent. She doesn’t understand you the same way you don’t understand her. Tell her the truth. Don’t leave her thinking and pondering what your silent actually meant. She may already have something in mind, you know, something like “oh, he’s seeing someone else, he doesn’t love me. Or he never did!” Talk to her. Save her from those bitter tears, days and minutes.

Men, every lady’s dream is not you driving BMW and taking her out on a resort in Spain, but, if you ever dump her, put the phone down on her or left her alone somewhere, you – to come to her the next day. WIth a buncha flowers. Or without flowers. Just come back. Suddenly. Come back and say: “I was wrong. I’m back”

Men! Love your woman, caress her, fight for her, carry her on hands. Be kindful towards her. Be the only one to her. Get her shocked with your surprises. You will soon understand what all these things are for. When the whole world betrays you, she, your only princess, will get you on her shoulders and take you up from the bottom of a sea. Then you will understand it all…”

Tips to recognize Russian and Ukrainian dating scams

Want to find a girl to fall in love with you? Use internet to search for her anywhere in the world? I would like to give you some tips how to recognize Russian or Ukrainian scams and what to do you have to do if you are suspicious about a woman that you are communicating with.

Is this a topical problem yet? Yep, lots of people post to my blogs dedicated to Ukrainian and Russian dating websites, or directly mail me with questions like these:

“Is this girl real?”.
“What to do if I was scammed?”.
“Please help me to recognize Internet dating scams”.

Really, Russian or Ukrainian professional daters can swindle out your hard earned money. It became a true problem, which is in the spotlight of interest of the Internet Crime Complaint Center (ic3). Russian and Ukrainian online dating scams have already mugged more Western men than other scammers worldwide. Early recognizing of dating scams is very important step to stay safe.

Read my tips that will help you to distinguish dating scams:

Do not deal with a woman whom you hardly know. If she asks you for money simply do not answer. Just save your passion, money and time for a real person and real relationship.

Alternatively, tell her that you can visit her. Scammers are not interested in personal contacts.

Maybe, your date is not English speaker and her interpreter is demanding money for translation services. Then ask him for a personal ID: passport, driving license, tax ID, or anything else. Scams do not like to disclose their identity.

Sometimes, too good is bad. If your date confesses her love for you after a short conversation, her mailings become too romantic, etc. Otherwise, she says that things are going bad and only you can help her. You can almost be sure that it’s a part of a scam scheme. Never send money to an unknown person – stop the conversation, say that you can visit her and try to help on the spot. Do not be confused to ask for verification of her identity.

In the end, I would tell you that Russian and Ukrainian women are beautiful people, definitely worth to be loved. I am sure that you will find someone for love and romance. Most of Russian and Ukrainian woman are decent, you can trust them. Just do not trust your money to professional swindlers. I wish you good luck and long happy life together with a girl of your dreams. I hope that my tips will help you to avoid being scammed. Thank you for your attention!

Making an Acquaintance and Building Relationships via Online Dating


In America online dating sites have become very popular, many Americans also successfully use mobile dating applications. So more than a half of such daters have already a date with a person they got acquainted via a dating site or online app, and one fifth part of them got married thanks to such sites and now happily live with their beloved spouse or long term partner. Thus people in this country have changed their attitude to online dating, it’s growing more positive lately, however there are still many of those who refer negatively to this way of making an acquaintance due to their previous not quite good experiences.

There was made a national survey on dating and relationships among Americans. It was the first thorough study of the topic done by Pew Research Center’s Internet Project for 8 years. Here some figures on the survey:

11% of internet users (that is equal to 9% of all American adult population) state that they have tried an online dating web sites. It is a remarkable grow of this service usage as no long as in 2008, only 3% of adults in America used online dating web sites.

7% of mobile phone app users (that is equal to 3% of all American adult population) state they have a dating app on their mobile phone.

According to the results of the survey, 11% of all adults in America belong to “online daters”, in other words they have tried a dating site or mobile dating application. To be more exact, this service is especially widespread in the circles of college-educated and among young people in their mid-20’s to mid-40’s, and 38% of the participants who are at the moment have no a spouse or a friend and are in active search of a partner have administered online dating from time to time as one more way to solve their task.

Some details on the survey.

The data provided by the report are based on the results of a survey on the the Internet usage by Americans. The finding were received from telephone interviews. The interviews were conducted by such an institution as Princeton Survey Research Associates International this year during the period from April 17 to May 19. Almost 2,252 adults aging 18 or older took part in the poll. The participants of the inquiry were interviewed in English and Spanish via land phoneline (1,125) and mobile phone (1,127, among whom 571 those without a landline phone). As for the findings of the survey in whole, percentage of errors that may take place during the poll constitute about plus or minus 2.3%. Talking on the results of the poll among Internet users (n=1,895), sampling errors are equal to plus or minus 2.5%.

Watch Out on Dating Scams While Searching for Your Love

Today, dating web services became very popular amongst Americans. Lots of people already found their spouse, soul mate, or sparkling romance online. Unfortunately, various scams use dating sites to find easy prey – lonely credulous people in pursuit of love.
Those scammers invade chatting rooms and social networks, searching for passionate victims. Most of them pretend to be Americans: travellers or expats. Most of them in fact live abroad. Widowed or divorced middle aged women are the most vulnerable demographic cluster for scams. However, some of those criminals specialize in other groups, such as elderly men and women, or disabled.

The scheme of scamming is like this: a handsome man (woman), who has a nice profile on some social media site, shows you some sign of interest. You may have a long period of conversation, while a scammer tries to create close personal ties with you. He or she can even send you a gift, like a perfume or a bouquet of flowers. But earlier or later you will be asked for money.

If you send your “dear friend” some amount of money, it will become the beginning of your “commercial relationship” with the scams. They will make up different hardships and difficult living situations that only your material support is able to resolve. The scammer may also send you checks asking you to cash it because he or she is temporarily out of the country and therefore cannot cash them, or you may be asked to forward a package.

If something like this happens then you have come under attack of criminals. Possibly, they have gathered your personal information from your accounts on social media or matchmaking Internet sites. Their deceptive web profiles are specially concocted to meet your preferences and interests. The pictures from the profiles were downloaded from the open profiles of other users.

In this case you probably not only lose your money, but also take part in an illegal money laundering pattern by cashing checks, sending the money abroad, or by shipping stolen goods.

There is a newly invented scheme where soon after meeting on a dating website you are asked for a further contact on a certain social network website. After getting access to your personal data the scam provokes explicit intimate conversations with you. In the aftermath you will receive a link to a site where your photos, personal information and conversations along with an accusation that you are a cheater are posted. The scammers will offer you to pay a definite sum of money, say 100 dollars, if you want this information being removed. You may send them money, but there is no warranty that the deal will be executed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement organizations work with work with such cases. The cases of particular interest are that which concern many victims or large sums of money. Many cases are investigated by state or local authorities.

If you were abused by a dating criminal, you are recommended to send a complaint to the US Internet Crime Complaint Center. IC3 officers will investigate your complaint. Also, they will analyze common threads, trying to link different complaints together in order to identify scammers.

These actions will help the authorities to prevent further malpractices.

Below, we put together some guidelines on how to escape becoming a victim of dating scams. Your online “friend” may be a cheater if he (she):

  • confesses his (her) love for you from the start of the conversation;
  • says that he (she) is American who temporarily lives or travels abroad;
  • forces you to leave the site where you have got acquainted with him or she, and start communicating through a certain social network website;
  • sends you photographs which look as if they were taken from a glamour magazine;
  • says about plans to visit you, but after a short while starts to complain about some kind of problems involving money;
  • declares about some financial troubles concerning health, children, tragic events, etc.

If you want to keep safe from scammers, you are recommended to well-known web matchmaking services with a good reputation.

Why international fiances are scared to become victims of scammers?

To begin with, to those who doesn’t know, I’ll try to explain who are the Scammers, with whom overseas men do not want to face with ( I was in this majority as well, no scams anymore in my life!).. So, I get started my review.

Scammer – (comes from English ‘scam’) fraud, cheat, swindler.

Scammers or scams – are people, who post on international dating sites pictures of Russian lady-celebrities and present them as Russian fiancees, who are looking for husbands from abroad.

Afterwards, everything is going by the scheme. The ‘Lady’ make declarations of suddenly appeared passionate love, writes letters full of flaming serious feelings and will of staying with him forever, ‘counts days’ until they meet … Of course, the man is caught into their hands. Each man wants to believe that he is loved and desired.

The simple letters exchange turns into an On-line romance. Then the foreign man, as it is quite natural, invite is beloved to visit his country. And here the most interesting thing starts… The girl starts telling him about his disastrous life being, her incapability to pay for visa and flight tickets. And how sorry she is for not coming. The perspective husband loses his head because of love and sympathy, he proposes to pay for everything, only his love to be next to him.

So, the ‘Fish’, i.e. foreign fiancé, is caught in sophisticatedly placed nets. From now on not much left: to get money… As soon as money get to the scammer’s hands, the ‘beloved lady’ disappears without a sign…

Confused and swindled fiance is left without both – money and lady on whom he was looking forward to marry with. As you understand, no one wants to be in his shoes…

This is short review scenario, that is usually followed by the scammers. Of course there are variations to it, but the heart of the problem and outcome are always the same – money get to the scam’s pockets, and the foreigners’ opinion about Russian women becomes lower and lower with each such situation.

How to avoid this? There are plenty of web-sites and articles in Internet, in which many scammer’s secrets are revealed, you can even find there the list of scammers, pictures of lady-scams, their names, surnames and e-mails. You can make review. Unfortunately, all that is not always sufficient, but at least some beginning is established.

Many dating sites use ANTI-SCAM programs and provide full informationt in this field, that help to screen and eliminate ‘undesirable persons’ and not to frighten away the foreign fiancés.

How to protect and not to get to difficult situation the girl herself? It is quite easy to get into the ‘scammers’ list’. When you get to the dating site and start your communication with men – be careful, listen more to what he is telling you, and try not to tell him a a lot about yourself.
There are not only negative things surround us in our lives. You are not responsible for other peoples’ actions. And many people believe, that women will find their love with happy ending even though it is far away from home.

How scams lie to the potential victim and how police can catch them

Online dating scammers have become recently spread on the social networks and on the dating websites. They make the potential victim send a big sum of money to the unknown person. Thus, the embezzlement of money happens on online dating websites, when the scammer wins the confidence of his victim. Herewith the dating scams give usually the following information:

– ill-founded data about his personality (face deception)
– false information on the subject of ownership (cheating in the subject)
– false information about his intentions (cheating in intentions)
– distorted facts (fraud in the circumstances)
– false documents (deceit in property and money)

The complexity of these crimes is that the scammers can actually commit criminal actions, not being tied to the IP address, for example dating scams can use computer of the internet cafés; scammers can make use of stolen SIM card or be in cahoots with its owner, they may also use the account of a nominee name.

Online dating fraud is one of the scammers’ methods when the police, having no experience about embezzlements in the area of Information Technologies, cannot conduct search operations, that could let convict the guilty person. To disclose the embezzlement of money on online dating services the police must have the following information:

  • IP address
  • E-mail address, which has registered username
  • Decoding of the e-mail address and access to e-mail
  • Tracking of permanent address in case if IP is not static
  • Tracking entry and exit points, which are duplicated with Internet Mail Service
  • Getting permission of the court in order to find phone’s IMEI, where the card is inserted with the subsequent SIM card replacement. Thereafter it follows working off on participation in a crime of the owners and the users
  • The other ways and methods, which must be used by the officers of police

Scammers on online dating websites act so, that the dating scams play with the pure feelings of their victim, and ask cheated person to transfer a sum of money to his bank account (mobile phone or electronic account). It is worth noting, that the scammers give the victim false information about his personality, what includes putting on the websites not only ill-founded data but also the pictures, which have nothing to do with the real person.

Usually online dating scams use those people, who fell in love with the criminal whereupon he stops controlling his mind. But the victims are always connected with their self-imagined lie. Be careful!!