Making an Acquaintance and Building Relationships via Online Dating


In America online dating sites have become very popular, many Americans also successfully use mobile dating applications. So more than a half of such daters have already a date with a person they got acquainted via a dating site or online app, and one fifth part of them got married thanks to such sites and now happily live with their beloved spouse or long term partner. Thus people in this country have changed their attitude to online dating, it’s growing more positive lately, however there are still many of those who refer negatively to this way of making an acquaintance due to their previous not quite good experiences.

There was made a national survey on dating and relationships among Americans. It was the first thorough study of the topic done by Pew Research Center’s Internet Project for 8 years. Here some figures on the survey:

11% of internet users (that is equal to 9% of all American adult population) state that they have tried an online dating web sites. It is a remarkable grow of this service usage as no long as in 2008, only 3% of adults in America used online dating web sites.

7% of mobile phone app users (that is equal to 3% of all American adult population) state they have a dating app on their mobile phone.

According to the results of the survey, 11% of all adults in America belong to “online daters”, in other words they have tried a dating site or mobile dating application. To be more exact, this service is especially widespread in the circles of college-educated and among young people in their mid-20’s to mid-40’s, and 38% of the participants who are at the moment have no a spouse or a friend and are in active search of a partner have administered online dating from time to time as one more way to solve their task.

Some details on the survey.

The data provided by the report are based on the results of a survey on the the Internet usage by Americans. The finding were received from telephone interviews. The interviews were conducted by such an institution as Princeton Survey Research Associates International this year during the period from April 17 to May 19. Almost 2,252 adults aging 18 or older took part in the poll. The participants of the inquiry were interviewed in English and Spanish via land phoneline (1,125) and mobile phone (1,127, among whom 571 those without a landline phone). As for the findings of the survey in whole, percentage of errors that may take place during the poll constitute about plus or minus 2.3%. Talking on the results of the poll among Internet users (n=1,895), sampling errors are equal to plus or minus 2.5%.

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