Ua nightmare Dreams with the tongue deep in…

Sometimes I stumble upon negative rewievs about uadreams, but here I don’t see evidences of any facts these person talks about… He is anonymous. Perhaps he is just a fake person? And you will never be able to get any evidence of the things he is speaking about…

ua(nightmare) Dreams, now i don’t want to lie like uadreams lie such an elegant and outrageous way ,i’m not sure that i not write correct the girl id ,or uadreams change it to make a confusion and discredit my words in that way ,uadreams very good at this . But anyway I talked about Ira from ivano-frankivsk and yes now Ira 6575 25 years old from Ivanofrankovsk the same girl.

Let me tell you something , i spend more than a year every f…g day 15 hour a day to find these bi….s on every media site ,and i find a lot of girls, i also find Ira with his boyfriend in many romantic pictures ,for example in top of the mountain, Ira in the arms oh her boyfriend and with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,or on a ski slope again with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,or in front of a waterfall , and guess what ,again with the tongue deep in her friend’s mouth ,and looking that really heart touching romantic pictures,

Where are these pictures? Why doesn’t he show them to all? He could make a screenshot to prove his words but there is no proof in his review. Why should I believe him then?

i take a look to the date , i thinking that maybe the girl not find a man on uadreams and have a light romantic affair , but it was clear after i look all the picture that these affair is last many years of course with the same young man, uadreams girls are not infidel at all they are very loyal to their ukrainian lovers ,so this relationship lasts from 2015 folks! . but not ira is the only one with serious long lasting relationship ,i find many many girls. now the other thing about nobody talk , it’s one thing that these girls have boyfriend, but the other thing that even if a girl don’t have boyfriend ,you still not have any chances , because these girl not want to have a serious relantionship with you , or any close contact ,so that is literaly double suck folks.

Where are the photos on these «many many girls»? He pretends to be a great storyteller, doesn’t he?.. It is easy to fabricate stories, but it is not easy to furnish them with proofs…

And i not talk like a philosop ,i talk from a lot of experience . As I said, I met many man in my search and cheated by uadreams , I read the reviews of other men here at trustpilot and I recognized one of, Mohamed Abdelrahman, he was cheated just like me, with a lot of money from uadreams, i meet him when i search after these bi…es ,the same girl used me and used him to make money . if anybody want to know things about uadreams ,ask him ,he knows a lot. One time a translator ask me if i realy think that i will find on uadreams a girl, i say yes i think i will , she say ………no, you will not ! . She have right ,now i know , at that time i know nothing i just have hope like all the man. I was in ukraine in the last 2 year many time , of course not to meet these swindler stone heart bi…es from uadreams . i was by myself alone, now i have a girlfriend , i have a fantastic luck to meet her , dont use uadreams ,dont use any sait , beter go by yourself or use vkontacte , but the best if you search in your own country.

Really? Do uadreams translators tell their clients something like that? That nobody would find a wife on this site? Did he see a page with love stories, real photos that prove everything? He plays by the air again.

So uadreams fu…g team would be quite thankful if i shared my members ID number in order to identify me as uadreams member ?? , M…er fu….s i will not shar anything , come and get me !!!!! understand ? come and get me !!!!!

He did’nt give his number, so he is not a real uadreams client. Do you have any questions more??

Uadreams scam or real

We are here to analyse some facts about Uadreams dating company. And to understand if the image of beautiful and smart Ukrainian woman in dating industry is the reality but not a convincing fake, if Uadreams agency has grown in favour or undermines similar dating agencies.

So what do you think about Uadreams. Are they scammers?

If we talk about Uadreams we talk about Ukraine as this dating agency is located in one of the biggest European state. However in spite of all optimistic hopes economic level force people seek for a job abroad or work here in Ukraine on two jobs simultaneously. This is extremely hard for women in particular. Just think it over: if a woman is smart, satisfied, happy she won’t put all her ingenuity on some sophisticated methods for money earning. But Ukraine has been suffered the biggest economic crash, this is the biggest crisis during 26 years of their independence due to the war actions on the east of its territory.

Unemployment activity pushed Ukrainian women to register in the international dating sites for mental support, for love, for a friendship, good communication or financial stable future if possible. Don’t be naive about any woman to forget about her own health and wealth and happiness of her family. Each woman is like that. And Ukrainian woman is not an exception.

Ukrainian men are busy with work and money earning besides they are pampered with women’s attention, that is why women are desperate about their future: the time passes but the things are the same. So they find international dating sites to be wonderful opportunity to have another world for themselves and they enjoy it.

There won’t be a surprise that Ukrainian women are really beautiful so foreign men are really interested in getting in touch with them.

While browsing you can find pictures of ladies dressed in national wear or with a flag. Could they be real, how do you think?

Indeed they really are. This is not a fake. Actually on August, 24 is a The Independance Day of Ukraine, so people and especially females like to put on national clothes, dresses and skirts coloured with flowers and patterns, with Ukrainian flags of blue and yellow colours.

So how could you know if they are real or fake?

Indeed Uadreams provides manual verification of each female profile that should be filled according to the documents confirming personality. The staff interviews each new woman who wants to be registered on the website, thus all women are 100% real! They do a great job and sure they have their cut on the pricing but you know this is better than communication with a scammer, right? There are millions of poor dating websites that earn money via scamming their members and I have no idea what still they live for.

Dating on Pricing.

Moreover, Uadreams offers interesting communication option like video chat, so you are able to contact your woman online immediately as a proof of her existence. You can see her face, her mimics and gesture and if you wish to order video chat conference – enjoy her voice as well. Translation simultaneous service is included in price, so this is very convenient.

Have a look at pricing list of top communication services of

1 email credit = $6,99

20 email credits = $99,99

10 minutes of video chat + 3 min for free = $14,95

60 minutes of video chat + 10 min for free = $72,45

Video conference for 30 min = $80

(more you can find on their website page

Things to be warned about.

One of the most disputable issue regarding Uadreams agency is that they strictly prohibit to share any contact information between members right before their first meeting in the office, during a real date.

Supposedly you may consider this a nonsense as all other agency can offer such an option for an average amount one-payment or included in membership fee. So you paid and who cares about who you contact to.

But Uadreams’ guys emphasize that it is difficult to care about all members if they skip such a responsibility and move from the website at once. They cannot give anyone a 100% guarantee from scamming, and this is their duty to help customers, to defend them and to be a third party. And if there is anti-scam system here, all data is saved on servers it is possible to proceed any investigation if necessary. Being out of the system you are alone or face to face with a danger named a scam. Who knows who is this mature lady you have been communicating with for a couple of months? Maybe she wants you to trust her and then extract money from you, right?

In this case we agree with this policy. It is better to be well informed.

Main doubts about Uadreams.

Happy endings. Probably this is the issue to think about days and nights. Is there any in

Agency confesses that not too much as they intended but all of them keep being happy and not just created a couple for a while and for a website successful statistics.

Here is a testimonial page where you can see other meetings and member’s expressions.

For example, John from United Kingdom made his trip to Ivano-Frankivsk on 24-25th of June this year, 2017. Find below his short feed back:

John: I felt very comfortable with her

I had a really wonderful time with my lady. Elena was a brilliant translator and host. I hope this will be the first of many very enjoyable visits to meet with my lady. We seemed to share a similar sense of fun and like similar activities. I felt very comfortable with her and I am delighted to hear she felt the same.

I think the service offered by the agency is excellent and allows people from different countries to get together in friendship and hopefully that will grow to something much deeper.

Thank you all very much!

However Uadreams does not exclude specific negative situations to appear thus to investigate them and to overcome in future. Kjell Rune Balto accused Uadreams to be completely a scam dating site, he was angry not being happy with the meeting with a lady from the agency. Actually that was not he was expected.

His review is below:

Incredible professional scam

Incredible professional scam!
Not recommended at all!

Of course some are lucky there..
But the scam is so professional, you dont
know you got scammed before later when you sit there and are thinking why she after all those nice romantic mails not at all wanted to talk with you or get to know you…

If you write a negative review on the site then they dont publish it, only the good reviews are published.

Im NOT a bad looser, but i have been long time on the site and know how it works and have also chatted in social medias with many women from the site and heard stories from them how it works.

Very often agencies ignore negative stories with their names in them. But that is not about Uadreams. They were worried about this case and replied:

Reply from

Published Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Dear Kjell Rune Balto,

We are sorry to know that you obtained such impression on our agency.

Online communication becomes a great assistant to make the process of knowing another person faster, to discuss openly all the question and concerns you may have, to see if your views on life, interests match and so on. But no matter how many letters and messages you exchange online, it will never guarantee that you can become close in the future outside virtual reality. If your relationships with the only lady you tried to meet on our site did not work, it does not mean that the lady was not serious or wanted to play games with you or had any scam intentions. There must be mutual attraction on mental and physical levels, understanding and trust between people who both want to be side by side for a long time. If for some reason the lady decided that you are not the person she is looking for, it is her right to choose. The same may happen both from lady’s and man’s side, it is not a sign that something is wrong only with UaDreams or Ukrainian ladies’ motives.

and the final part proves they really care about all members:

We are always attentive to everything our members have to tell us. All the complaints and concerns of our male members are thoroughly investigated and we always analyze each and every case, trying to assist our member with the problem, until the necessary consensus is obtained. We are always interested to make all our members satisfied within the limits of our possibilities. The dialogue might finish only from the member’s side and we never refuse providing our assistance to those who are looking for it. For those reasons we consider it unreasonable to publish negative reviews on us on our site and we always give a proper feedback on other resources reviewing our work.

With respect,

UaDreams team

So as you see this is the whole truth about Uadreams activity. We cannot say much about great percent of successful couples but we can say a lot about website safety from scam and fraud. Besides we like cases to be revealed via members support center helping members to uncover any potential abuse or deceiving plan.

This is you who will make a choice.

For your further information you can read accurately our informative reviews about other dating agencies as Anastasiadate and Elenasmodels

Is Any Scam or Fraud In Anastasiadate?

My position would be neutral I must admit. I won’t judge, just give you some facts and details. I hope that would be interesting.

I have an experience before and the arguments I give are not worthless, may be you’ll find something useful. I surfed many dating sites, talked to many Ukrainian girls and sure I’ve heard many specific details from females.

Firstly I am interested if you are about to purchase some credits but haven’t done that you are lucky boy and you saved some funds of your wallet. But for those who have already done, well.. this is something to hear for you to feel not so lonely.

As far as I see Anastasiadate rejects the fact that they pay the ladies for emailing with men. Actually I don’t know if they do. Just wanted to mention that in general almost every agency does. For example one lady I met in Kyiv confirmed that she and other girls she knew were paid for their “job”. Also I was told that as a rule from $100 a girl receives only 10% – that is 100 of local money. I state that Anastasiadate did not accept such agreements however no one can be 100% sure and extraordinary situations may happen. And this is you who choose the truth: the first one is Anastasiadate that explained about eventually bad luck or the second one that lady who gave the explanation of Anastasiadate working process.

Right now I tell you what is about my experience. I mean what happened when I used services of Anastasiadate. I started to communicate with one girl, we sent several emails to each other, later I felt that probably I might have fallen in love with her that’s why my strongest wish was to call her immediately. Why call, because there was no other alternative approach to reach your interlocutor. Anastasiadate had “call me” services so I paid around $60 for that and we talked. But a little bit later my girl whose pictures I saw on the site every day was not going to call me. I am very sorry to give you a quote from her letter but in worse than mine English:

Chief of site this decided that would be good if with you speaking
is translaitor when I job. I don’t know no thing, but when
I saw this, I couldn’t do something because she told that will
send letter to you. Letters texting and chatting to you a translaitor.

I know that is really hard to read it but the main idea is clear enough that that was not my girl who wrote me letters but translator, and the translator was chatting and talking to me on the phone. The meaning of “chief” was about her agency’s chief or head manager or director but not of the Anastasiadate. But I paid a lot to Anastasiadate, so is this a scam case, how do you think? Is it a fraud?

Anastasiadate as I know the only one dating platform that uses the services of agencies. And many dating agencies offer their services to several dating sites. There is one more bad example of scam or fraud, I mean Find-brid dating site. One ex-girl of Anastasiadate site advised me to use this one for better if i were unsatisfied. But it came for nothing, this site wasn’t better. This site used the services of the same agency. How did opened the truth? with the help of that girl, she was about to leave from Anastasiadate and was having same video chat, be ready: with me, and on that site and this site of course.

What about these agencies? What are they?

The information is as follows: they are the additional help of big international sites as Anastasiadate. You can find ones almost in each Ukrainian city, they are centers of employment for ladies. They apply girls for necessary work for them. On can find specific advertisements everywhere in newspapers or job searching sites like

Jobs: Jobs, registration and international dating (Zhytomyr, NIkolaev, Ukraine)

Performance requirements for job:

Language practice and work dating for online correspondence and chats is urgently offered! No sex! High income with comfortable schedule is guaranteed! If you are creative, sociable, you know what is civility and diligence, you have a strong will to work and get money – you are welcome!

Working from home is also possible. General requirements:

1. Full age (confirmation document + a copy of the first page of the passport).
2. English, intermediate and upper levels.
3. PC skill and availability to work with a computer.

We are waiting for your CV via form ” Send CV “, do not forget to indicate the subject line (registration and international dating ).

Another one:

Job: Perervodchik, international dating (Nikolaev, Donetsk)

Performance requirements for job:

“Dream of love”, international dating organization performs romantic relationship arrangement. We offer high-quality and convenient service. If you like communicating with interesting people from all over the world – we are waiting for you! Free photoshooting and promotional videos for members, free translations organizing. We assist you to get the best result. A vacancy of marriage agency translator.

What we offer:

  • high salary comparing with other agencies
  • flexible schedule
  • 4 hours per day
  • employment stability
  • bonuses
  • comfortable working place or at home (your choice)
  • weekly compensations according to the work results
  • automatic counting of working hours available
  • collaboration with dating agencies:
    Natasha Club
    Foreign Affair
    Dream Marriage

What we expect:

  • English Intermediate
  • sociability
  • diligence

With international dating organization “Dream of love” you build up your own future. If interested, contact us any time (the references you may find on our site.) Please do not forget indicate the theme in the email with your CV attached.

Do girls receive what they expected? Here is a collaboration offer of Hanuma to dating agencies:

Dear Colleagues! Today we represent the opportunity to try affiliate program, if you are interested, please fill the form in.

Let us specify that the Marriage Agencies Union Hanuma Net Ltd. is the owner. This dating site was created with the aim to help men from all over the world to find a wife from Eastern Europe countries. Profiles of your female clients would be able to find interlocutors from Canada, USA, Australia, Western Europe and etc. Besides this is an opportunity for you to earn money as our services are non-free and are to be paid by our male clients. So being our affiliate, posting your profiles on our website you get commission for correspondence, translation, pictures delivery, gifts delivery, trips assistance.

Please find below our program payment specifications:

female profile registration – every activated female profile gets from $0,75 to $1,25 (depending on quality and quantity of uploaded pictures in each profile);

correspondence – every response from a lady gets $3,00 to $3,70 (depending on how fast a lady is able to reply and if she has a video clip to her profile uploaded), every new picture a man sends to a lady or receives from a lady – $1,00;

photo-exchanging – every new picture a man sends to a lady or receives from a lady – $1,00;

chats, video-chats – every second of chat – 0,25 cent, every second of video-chat – 0,50 cents of one-way streaming (a man watching lady’s web-cam video-streaming or vice versa), every second of video-chat with two video-streams – 0,75 cent (both webcam turned on);

conference calls – every conference call with one lady – $5 (we pay for technical organization and translator);

videos – every video review by a man – $0,12-1 (commission depends on quality and length);

gift delivery – each delivery – $5 plus the difference of gifts purchasing;

personal meetings organization – commissions for organizing personal meetings for your ladies and our men, plus fee for interpreter services delivering.

If you accept our program, please REGISTER HERE.

As you see, some other dating sites pay better price.

About Uadreams Matchmaking Agency

My Updated Review

My greatest thanks to Amon who are embarrassed with his issue and requested me to manage some facts about Uadreams, all my material is completed into one big review. Take a sit and read carefully, I’d like to have your attention please.

So let’s start with the invitation men get from Uadreams. Here we should mention that Amon received the invitation as well and today his guess is a scams. We’d like to help Amon to make a decision to accept it or to avoid, probably this is a sophisticated maneuver for devastative results.

Let me tell you some words out: Amon experienced really negative attitude in previous dating sites therefore today he do not expect identical repeat. Indeed mostly free dating sites have the same platform of communication, liking each other’s profiles and no barriers for sending introduction letters. Some other sites with fee-paid base need confirmation that you are a human but not a bot. Once upon a time Amon met one pretty lady and she attracted him a lot and they began to communicate. But he had some doubts due to multiple scam facts around russian and ukrainian sites so he started to monitor with google via her pictures. Finally he found several pictures of hers on four different dating sites like Brides, russian-dating and etc. Can you imagine to face with real scammers and fake profiles everywhere? That awkward moment when you realize that you’ve been communicating with someone who was playing games with you, huh?

Do you know the next stage of such pernicious “relationships”? A woman requests private information for direct communication, therefore she adds some magic words to get man to trust and ask him to help her with the money of course as she is so poor little thing. gives the opportunity to find any woman of any type for communication and our Amon was a member of this site. He made his search easily to choose the parameters he liked and started to communicate with one woman. He liked photos and information in the profile so she interested him a lot. Few months later he received an invitation from this lady to another website with the reason to continue their dialogue there. Below this is a standard example of UaDreams invitation letter from a lady to her man.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Uadreams support team
Date: Fri, Dec 30, 2016 at 2:48 PM
Subject: Amon, Olenka from Ukraine invited you to the International Matchmaking Agency!
To: Amon
Welcome to the International Matchmaking Agency!
Dear David You’ve been invited to at the request of
[image: Olenka from Merefa, Ukraine girl pictures]
Olenka from Merefa, Ukraine
*Your account information *(it will help you to see photos from all ladies in our database):
login: xxx
password: xxx
*Any your questions will be answered in our* Support
: +1 (315) 849-4959
Skype phone account: *uadreams*
*No one can know where he will meet his love!*
You can login here:
If you think it was done in error then just ignore this message.
Uadreams Members Support Team.”

People know that it is better to verify URL in the letter if you receive a new one from unknown organization. Actually this is a subject to consider. Here we see sup_nadiya. No connection from the first sight with the name Olenka and Nadiya – both names are Russian or Ukrainian, whatever. Anyway this is a big hint for a scam Uadreams provides for their members. Or possible this was a id tracking of a supervisor or anyone from the staff. Was it the regular mailings?

Amon wanted to clarify the situation thus he requested me to assist him for this issue. Indeed that wasn’t the news for me and I knew the reply for url – actually as Uadreams explained me that is the id for supervisor fixed for several ladies of the general support of the agency. They assist women for each important issue like incoming messages or invitations, this staff provides them with the translation of letters, video chat texting, manages photoshooting, assist a woman during a meeting with a man.

Not every lady is able to maintain her profile (even if she has several of them on different sites – you can ask your woman directly) and verify all messages accordingly that is why full service is in need like Uadreams offer to all single Ukrainian women who do not speak English (from now and German) language well. For breaking all doubts Amon has I advice him to try video chat with this lady, put her detailed questions and look for feedback. I’m sure everything will be OK.

Amon refers to 6.99 dollars per letter Uadreams put on the website. He emphasizes that was a non-free dating site and it’s really expensive to be updated with letters and stay in touch with a woman. Per months it’s approximately 3.000 dollars and the amount per years was more than obvious he thought.

He considers the better and cheaper variant to come to Ukraine and search his future wife by himself. Well, who knows, may be this will take you years and years and supposedly your budget wouldn’t be ready for that.

But let’s be specific with the service you pay $6.99 for. Indeed this is the payment not for one letter from you to a woman translation but the translation of the woman’s reply as well. Thus this is for two letters as well. Think about those women who still do not speak foreign language and need translation help. Besides, as I see on they offer special packages for those who’re texting frequently, like 3.99 dollars per one email if you buy 100 emails. I think that’s really good offer and appropriate opportunity to try his chances with his woman. Let’s wish him luck!

Update January, 17

Hello, people! I am ready to keep the subject with you. I know that dating online is not a sweepstakes, it’s a different kind of lottery and I think that here my role is to specify where is a scam not to face it suddenly.

We came back to Amon, he is a member of Uadreams today after accepting the invitation from Olenka.

Moreover Amon was very pleased and satisfied with communicating with Olenka, they enjoyed video chat most of all and even once they held video conference so that Amon was surprised to hear the voice of his woman. But one thing confused him. Once he received two replies from his lady but on the same last letter. It seemed like one letter was written by completely another woman and the signature was Olyechka. He requested to investigate the issue and I with great pleasure tell you how the things are going on. The thing is Olya (that is full name of the lady) decided to come and answer the last letter of Amon but when she returned home she changed her mind and decided to rewrite it. So she dictated her letter by the phone but to another translator who wasn’t aware of previous reply that had already been sent. So he made his translation and sent the letter. Thus no additional money mere charged from Amon. Head management accepted their mistake with human factor of new employee, took measurements and are deeply grateful for this notice. Olenka is the same like Olyechka, both are variant of name Olga. So there is nothing to worry about.

Update February, 17

Hi everyone! I’m glad to tell you that we have another topic today. Nalvin is our next guest who agreed to share his concerns. He also is a member of Uadreams however, he had joined just recently. But he was extremely astonished by the intensity of female replies. It seems like they receive immediate notification and have the opportunity to reply to all customers. As Nalvin noticed response rate of almost 100%. This thing is suspicious as Nalvin didn’t consider himself a perfect candidate for husband for all ladies. I must confess that he is quite right with his theory and as for me I do accept the scam hint. However, that wouldn’t be the problem if I had known a plenty about Ukrainian women. You see, they are SO marriage-oriented the more I know about women from Uadreams, they simply do not miss any chance to find the right man for marriage. To use any safe site that promise them careful services usage and translation assistance and security of course. So as you see this is not a scam!

Red point is the picture in dating site. Uadreams has wonderful well-designed website with vivid platform and regular technical support that is why it is necessary to admit that they do their best to make perfect contain. So they provide their single ladies with professional photoshooting! Of course, you may seem this outbursting as it’s cheaper to buy some photos of modelling agency. But one more time I underline I know that Ukrainian women are really beautiful! It doesn’t matter what age she is: student or senior she can be admiring! She looks wonderful on photos but professional photoshooting make the product to look commercial, to attract men and to coincide with the site design. Besides the latest update I’ve seen on the site was introduction video – it helps to see a woman in all her natural beauty, her walk and moves are real!

I want to mention “success stories” Uadreams post and update periodically, those stories are about couples who matched each other, moreover there are many testimonials from couples married recently. Sounds optimistic! Isn’t it? You may search your woman each day and this process would last forever but Uadreams will give you a possible chance to find other half.

Nalvin liked Uadreams shop as well, he liked it much as he used to pamper a woman and this is important to do that on a distance. Sure it is possible to find the right service in the Internet. But Nalvin agreed that the price for the third party service is rather convenient for him. As he understood that staff does a lot to make the delivery, to offer the proper gift or to find alternative.

Fact: if you want something that is not indicated on the website, Uadreams will find it for you and instruct you with the pricing. Fantastic I think! A big surprise for a lady!

Uadreams business model.

What is interesting that various business models depend on customer’s need. As I see, Elena’s Models dating agency prefers fee payment for the subscription. The price is not high. However it’s up to you how many acquaintances you’ll manage to make for the period of time that is limited. If you wish to continue, buy more time for membership. Uadreams gives another scheme: you pay for separate service but the registration is for free, besides they give some bonuses to try and to make a decision to stay as a member or to remove profile from the system.

I need to say that Uadreams is most probably the one of those sites that have contradictory reviews. Among positive ones with most satisfied testimonials and feedbacks on forums we see negative ones like “Uadreams is a complete scam”, “extracted money”, “deceivers who offer fake profiles and to pay for emails”. Moreover people are afraid of perfect designed interface, their suspicious attitude can be explained by the wave of general dating scams everywhere concerning Russia and Ukraine.

I like to discover disadvantages you know. However I do like to focus on advantages!

Yes, I may agree about pricing. However they offer free membership with bonuses, packages and offers. Online platform works really well, they used powerful plugins that provides all members to hold video chat sessions and immediate letter sending. Besides you are able to monitor which ladies are online or are about to be.

Gallery of ladies is a base of real not fake women who are single, the staff explained that they provide verification of all documents and after the interview they may confirm the registration. Thus, as you see, you have a deal with real Ukrainian women, not bots.


Good day to you all, people! I want to start with new message from Paul about

“Hello Dearest,
Supposedly I may hope that you would please me with direct and honest answer including the truthful advice to be a member of or to leave it immediately and stay away for years.

The case is that I choose several girls there and had good correspondence and chat with them. By no means they are not fake – that warms my heart haha) There is one russian social network So one day I managed to find my lady there, I tried to contact with her but she left me without a reply, then I’ve been blocked. I am afraid this is a standard scam story. But I really like her and probably there is any chance for any investigation. How do you think? Do Uadreams let their women be on other sites? Or just luring all men to their non-free base? If uadreams is 100% scam I would appreciate if you could share my drama through all possible sources to warn other people.


Dear Paul, I thank you for being honest. As for the situation. let me remind you my post previously where I described the supervisor position of the Uadreams staff, this is their job to assist female membership. So there is nothing wth scams here. Besides as I understood agency cannot force women to register or not to register to other sites, Ukrainian female intentions mpress with intensity and strong will to get married. So females are everywhere. However, Uadreams warns them about danger on other sites and they do not give guarantee of safety and confidentiality. There are so many fraudsters everywhere. Uadreams verify all information about the lady and check social network accounts manually. So there is nothing to worry about for Paul. Sure they do not let to give personal contact info but this is according to their anti scam policy. If a woman lures men and asks for money, agency would remove her from the system the very that day. Be thankful for those who accurately cares about your security.


Attention of everyone: Uadreams warns the scam to be for free!

Dating statistics shows that in average two or three person from 10 have ever used dating apps. Today we have more opportunities to make our dating online research more comfortable, therefore no barriers for doubts. It is fast and easy besides day after day people consider it one of the modern ways of communication and family building with no shame as before.

Like millions of social portals dating apps give a prominent hope of effective result. But you should remember: those apps should be non-free as you need to have regular technical support for navigation, messages sending and reading, images viewing, chat holding and etc. There is no other way to perform it to you for free! This is a job for thousands technical developers. The easier the app is the harder their job is. Dating software today is being maintaining via many dating sites and it’s really good that Uadreams is among them as well.

Do not let fraudsters and scammers follow you. And do not let your greed sweep the board.

Some aspects Uadreams want to warn everyone:

  • Fraudsters know the effective power of stolen beautiful pictures
  • Fee communication is used to start by girls first and they use main phrases from your profile
  • Tenderness and sincerity make the up level of your communication and makes the connection
  • A person you like to contact so often not waste her time and ask you for any financial help but immediately if it’s possible (of course it is possible, you are a man and you can do anything just to prevent your darling from suffering)
  • WU transfer option is what you choose for a help but at least there is no end of sending: you see no money on the other side and no darling.
  • Free services (texting, chatting, messaging and translation) is what you prefer without any professional translation, using only online apps or sites
  • Bad chances for your lady to be real indeed

Ukraine, Belarus and Russia as well as Nigeria and Malaysia are the most famous countries for professional dating scam, thus people read more and more about dating crime on different forums.

In spite of all that men from all over the world still intend to have russian or ukrainian wife, no one push them to arrive to look for their beloved here. And no one is forcing them to register dating sites. Everyone has their choice.

As for Ukraine – the stamina of Ukrainian women are most attractive. They can be wonderful wives, housekeepers and business ladies as woman here can be beautiful and smart at the same time.

Virtual communication make someone’s dream closer: dating sites promise women of any kind. And for men it is better to spend some hundreds dollars sitting at home unless hanging around some unknown city in unknown country, right? Thus, I cannot say that I really see the loss of popularity of dating sites. Besides a great part of men who do not think about marriage – do that subconsciously, like a play, and then – they just enjoy that.

But indeed if you take a breath and wait and read carefully all terms and conditions about each dating site – you have to be ready for scam and fraud. This is only YOUR decision. By your wish only.

International matchmaking online should be non-free.

All together let’s think about what to pay for if non-free. At least today programmers perform so many plugins for free usage. Yep, it can be marvelous but this is all they can offer. No control and no monitoring for each action, message, contact, threaten. Each day millions of crimes happen just because no one cares, you use your site for free, so what’s the problem?

Matchmaking is a serious thing in case you take it seriously. Uadreams for example gives special document to fill to see your specific interest and to compare with any lady they interviewed.

The successful approach depends on professional assistance in every aspect: letters, messaging, video chat, video conference, phone calls, personal meeting. Regular assistance for additional need (gifts or flowers delivery), arrival help or the whole trip arrangement.

I suppose you have already seen how many advisers give you best chops and trips variants as well. However in that particular case, you need to arrange every item separately – that’s not convenient, right? Uadreams offer whole trip management, starting from the general planning, flight booking till the day of meeting (transfer, guide, restaurant, flowers, interpreter and etc.). All calculations are to be made according to your budget. They accomplish everything to your needs. This is what I call non-free. They do a great job. So pricing for being a third party is fully justified.

So what’s about scams? How do people avoid it?

Here my post is based on request according to UaDreams Scam agency or fraud system they represent. Besides I receive details, names and dates and sum of monies members spent on this site.

Day after day analyzing that I realize how much money for picturesquely sweet schemes concurring dating sites can spend. Sometimes it seems to be that all of them forget about main problem – scams and fraud and they just make business to be on the top. Or to get someone off the Olimp. But if you are attentive reader on some forums do not neglect some specific styles of the same users but signed with different names, old dates and strange letter screens (what is interesting as Uadreams has changed interface recently).

This is what i call downshifting of those ones who prefers black-wash!

Negative effects occurred of course but remember: bad reputation comes with activity, not with inactivity!


What they have to fight with scam today?

Anti-Scam Controlling Department. This is what the most expensive thing for Interested?

Now I’m gonna tell you how what do they work for. As a rule females use trustful relationship to rip a man off. They know and use each personal detail to sympathize with him and to feel sorrow for him if he shares his concern. Therefore they attack with miserable situation of urgent money sending. Thus, men used to be hooked up. The main hook is personal info!

Preventive Measures:

  • Verification of all documents (passports, marriage certificates, social network or other dating site profiles) of potential female members of the site before registration
  • Monthly manual check
  • Personal interviewing
  • Details (personal address or email or any other info) exchanging prohibition until first meeting in the office of the agency. This is a guarantee and full responsibility of a real meeting to take place in each branch of the agency
  • Regular assistance of Members Support Center. Investigation of any extraordinary issue that may occur by Anti-Scam Department or Head Management.
  • Friendly-using websites with easy-working plugins for various services
  • Guilty are to be punished accordingly (staff – to be fired out, members – to be removed from the system)

Remember one more thing: you are completely wrong if you did nothing and just removed your profile. The main move – report urgently and tell everything in detail. No one can give 100% guarantee unless you help to the organization the services you use.

What about men: do they need to pay?

The year of 2016 gave good results for 64% of dating sites members, 55% liked online system to keep the contact with someone, not usually as they like to do that in real life unfortunately. 16% have negative experience, mostly scam and fraud victims.

Anyway this is a choice. You never know if you meet regular scam or fraud somewhere else except dating sphere. If you are adult educated person, you analyze and think twice before transferring money to unknown woman and then blaming the agency.

Some facts about quality of Uadreams services and pricing as well.

As I see each year Uadreams updates their policy however I don’t see any particular changes here. All is important they make prices higher after video chat option development and apps for Mac and Android updating.

I’m glad to have one feedback here, it is from Rhonny.

He emphasized that profiles that Uadreams perform are fake and he also notices some changed information there. He considered women there not to be real and employees did their job for luring men to the site and all. Besides Rhonny realized that pictures looked unreal or too photoshopped, probably they were stolen. Indeed he did not believe that Ukrainian women can be beautiful is such a way. As for the phone call – that wasn’t a lady as he considered but someone who’re working there. Testimonials were complete scam, he did not believe that happy stories. Also Rhonny mentioned a friend of his who had spent hundreds of dollars for scam, he meant no personal info were offered for this money. Uadreams refused to share any of it. To Rhonny’s mind being a member of Uadreams is total time wasting.

Such an outbursting feed back made me sad. I may agree if we focus on personal info you still do not receive if you send regular fee for communication services. But my explanation of Uadreams anti scam policy had been described carefully above… And something is disturbing me while I’m reading messages like this. Supposedly that was one of those silly report who makes money for negative content posting.

Rhonny is a strange character and he did not offered to analyze any detail (letters screenshots, voice records, pictures and etc.) of his accusations. And as you know – no arguments, no accusations.

After the events of 2014 in Ukraine, people reconsidered their budget and went accurately to minimize their wishes for entertainment. This time I noticed female registrations on dating sites increasing. But foreign men were really afraid to come to Eastern parts. This time Uadreams applied to avoid any arrival, they were honest to their members and cared about their safety. Instead men from abroad were anxious regarding this situation and strongly desired to come and help. So agency transferred some meetings into safe parts of the country. They replaced the branch in Donetsk into Dnipro, therefore there is no risk for visit. I focused on this issues and understood that Uadreams fixed their prices in 2016 according to that enormous job they did. They were fully justified.

The next story is about Ivansito, he liked communication with one Ukrainian lady on Uadreams. He estimated the quality of many services, but he was upset about video chat he hold with his lady. They were talking but the image were frozen but the time was passing. While we were investigating this issue, developers had fixed the app error and Uadreams turned money for the video chat minutes that Ivansito spent with no image and bad quality.

This made my day. I know that no agency can tell everyone that they offer perfect service with no bugs! But that is not what is important. The important thing is HOW they resolve the problem – technical or customer.

As I understood there was an issue about updating apps for different platforms. And my advice is to stop your counter while you chatting and notice that the image is freezing. Then you may verify this matter through the system by manager and money is to be refunded if there is a technical error. But it is better to save video chat minutes.


I have the next letter for you from Chuck:

“Uadreams may all of us fools, this is a scam agency and my aim today to tell you the truth. I hope my review will help other to get rid of such soft spots of their lives. So my story started with one lady of an or something I don’t remember exactly but the girl I liked there suddenly closed her profile and sent me her last letter that she wouldn’t be there any more and uadreams was more convenient for her. I sent her my email address to contact me directly, but she refused. I asked her phone number but failed. What’s that people? They just need us for website rate? They do not want us to contact directly thus, ok then, come here and spend some dollars for texting on site. Scam!”

Well, I can say that usually this situation we call typical. However let’s come to this post closer. What’s the main idea? Chuck does not want to use non-free platform. I wouldn’t go back to the posts above and for invitations from girls to change any website for Uadreams. About supervisors and all. I am talking about women’s safety, free services option, translation opportunity and language study of course. This is what agency apply for. Next point – scam. Female scam or male scam? The answer is simple. Here we see that a woman tries to defend herself and she REFUSED to give her phone number to unknown man. This is normal. But what about man? He said that a woman also had refused to use HIS email address for direct communication. Was he sure about this unknown woman? What if this lady IS a scammer and she was more than waiting for any piece of personal info to come in direct contact and use this info for fraud. Hey, people, think twice. And tell THANK YOU to that lady who prevented you from possible scam. Just imagine if she was fake instead of real woman of Uadreams agency. Who was the first Chuck would blame? Free platforms have no one to respond. They DO NOT take any responsibility.

I emphasize that the registration is for free, if your profile is confirmed by management, free bonuses are granted: email credit, photo credit, video chat minutes. You are able to use them and leave. That’s all. No one is pushing you to buy membership or to buy first letter credit. This effort is for free. You can even try only video chat minutes to see if lady is not fake on Uadreams.

What is more I googled some facts about Ukrainian women and their attitude to Ukrainian dating sites and you see, UaDreams has one of the best reputation as the trustful third party. Besides they understand that intimacy of international correspondence should be confidential, translators do their job carefully without interfering into letters ideas. And as I know automatic system detects any possible way of forwarding personal information as email address or phone numbers or skype names and etc. Why not if you are afraid of sex-tourist?

The difference between Russian women and Western women

And by Russian, I mean of course girls from the ex- USSR : not only Russia, but also Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and even Hungary or Poland. Although these countries are not exactly Russian – in fact most of them hate Russia.

So why would you date a Russian girl?

First, let me tell you about my experience. I was not born in France, and I arrived in this country when I was a teenager. I travelled extensively, from the US to Japan. I’ve been to most European countries and I have lived in more than 10 countries. Lived, means I was not a tourist there but I effectively had a house or a flat. Why is this interesting? Because I was dating a lot of women from various countries. I dated women from Japan, from all over Europe including Poland, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, England, Croatia and of course France. I dated American women from Texas, from Boston, from Portland. I dated Spanish women. I had a girlfriend from Turkey, another one from Argentina. And of course Russian and Ukrainian women. So I’m not an expert, but I dated something like 60 or 80 women during my life and I have some experience.

Well, in each country there is something different. My interest is particularly in Caucasian women. I’m not into Asian or Black women – they are beautiful and lovely but they are not my style so I have nothing to say about them, although I do know personally a few Black girls and they are great, energetic, fun. But I suspect for the husband it’s not always easy because they seem like tornadoes 😉

As time went by, I grew tired of French women, particularly. They are behaving in this kind of “modern way” that makes me mad. Why ? Well you have to look at it from an historical point of view.

Feminism, or the end of real women.

What happened in the 60′s was the movement of freedom for women. I think it was good, because obviously women did not have equal rights. In the early 20th century, French women did not have the right to vote! That’s crazy. I think men and women must absolutely have equal rights. Same salary for a similar job, same everything. This is why I don’t support the idea that women should be hidden behind some kind of veil: if a woman is to wear a veil then I think men should wear it as well.

However, men and women are not equal. They are different. That’s a very common misconception that, if you have equal rights you must be the same. It’s not true. My son has the same right to live in my house as my daughter, and they are treated with the same respect and love. But he likes sports and she likes drawing.

I treat my old Pakistani neighbor with the same respect that I treat my old Italian neighbor. But they are different. They have the same rights, however they have a different background, different ideas, different behaviors.

It’s the same with men and women. I’m not going to detail too much what makes us different, because everyone knows it. Men are physically stronger. Men are made to run, to go out and catch something to eat. Women are made to raise the children, to care about the home, to cook.

Yeah, got it, you are just the macho type.

I’m not some kind of macho. In my house, I cook, I do the dishes, I clean up the bathroom, I take the garbage can out. I share everything with my woman.

When my children from my previous marriage were born, I was giving them bath, changing nappies, feeding them with baby milk and so on, I woke up at night to take care of the baby etc. So I’m certainly not some nasty bastard who thinks women should stay at home and shut up (besides I cook better than my wife).

I love the fact that my Russian wife is intelligent, speaks 4 languages, went skydiving and rock climbing etc. It’s just that we are different, and we both know it. She likes to enjoy things in life, but she knows that ultimately I’m the man. When there is something heavy to carry, I do it. When there’s an emergency situation, I get calm and I act quickly while she freaks out.

I am different. She is different. She has good sides, and bad sides, and me too, and the truth is that we complement each other. That’s why in my opinion gay marriage does not make much sense, although everyone should have the right to marry who they want, and I wish everyone to be happy.

Russian women are real women.

Russian women know and understand this difference. They respect the man for who he is, and they respect themselves. They need a strong man, someone who is purposeful, acting, and nice at the same time.

But they are not afraid to be women. They like to be sexy, elegant, well dressed. They like high heels. They like to wear sexy lingerie. They want to be nice to their man. They will touch their husband, kiss him, give him signs of tenderness and love. They will make love with him, because they know it’s in the man’s nature, and when they don’t feel like having sex they don’t really care, because if they love the man they are willing to please him and show him that they love him. In return, he has to be a good man, I tell you, because they don’t like to give too many chances. Russian women are strong.

Girls from the West try to copy men.

On the contrary western women are making a huge confusion between feminism and power. They think that to have equal rights, they should behave like men.

Girls in Paris wear high heels and look damn sexy but once you are dating one, you’d better be prepared for hell. Demonstrations of love will be rare. You’re under the constant threat of being too much of a man. If you do something because you’re a man and this is what men do, they tell you something about it, how they dislike it. And if you don’t apologize, welcome to Guantanamo. They will reduce you into the shadow of yourself.

The truth is, they don’t really need a man, because they have been taught that to be a modern strong girl you have to be like a man. This is the most stupid idea. To be a modern strong girl you have to take everything that makes you a girl and take it to the next level. To be a modern strong girl you have to know who you are, stand up for your values, and find the things that matter for you. To be a modern strong girl you have to be educated and smart. But you never, never have to behave like a man.

Women have their own way of doing things. Their brain functions in a different way. This is why they need men, and this is why men need women. We totally need each other.

My first marriage was a failure because my wife wanted to be like a man. She was a successful businessman, but in meetings, she was acting like she’s a man. She would raise her voice, speak loudly, become mad at some guy. A real strong woman will never do that. That’s a man’s thing. A real woman will tell in a very subtle and calm manner what she has to say, it will be elegant…and devastating.

Russian women are elegant and strong.

Russian women can do this. They know exactly who they are. They know exactly what they want, what a man wants. They are ready for this. They want children. They want to share responsabilities, but they also want to feel vulnerable.

Some of them want a man who is a leader, but some want to share leadership – there are different ways. But ultimately Russian women (and again by Russian I mean also Ukrainian, Belorussian etc) are strong. They are strong but they are sexy, fragile and they are ready to love.

I totally not regret any other woman.

A Russian woman is like a dream. Your friends won’t believe how lucky you are. At least my friends don’t. Their marriage is in shatters, they are unhappy, getting fat and they think I’m lucky.

I am not lucky : I worked hard to get this. I spent hours on Elena’s Models website. I travelled to meet the girls. I spent hours skyping, chatting to find the perfect woman.

And I found her. Yes, she’s beautiful, yes she’s sexy, yes she’s 11 years younger than me, and no, I’m not lucky.

You can be happy, too.

I will never repeat this enough. You can find yourself a perfect girl, if you are ready to do what it takes. Don’t think you’re going to date a model just because you are rich and handsome. You must also be nice. I’m a man, I’m strong and confident but I’m also tender and loving. I don’t look bad and women tend to appreciate my style. But I could never find a girl like mine in the Western world.

The proof is in the pudding.

A couple months ago I was invited to a dinner in Paris. There was 4 gorgeous women, all single. The one on my right was really sexy. She was 34 years old, and she was interested in me. She gave me her phone number – I did not tell her I was married, just to see how it went.

I asked her how come she’s not with someone: good looking, successful, sexy, smart. She told me “men are scared of me”.

Can you believe that ?

I asked her why. She explained that because she has her own company, because she’s making loads of money, each time she is dating a guy he is quickly becoming afraid that he is not good enough. I told her that’s her responsibility. I told her that if she wants to be happy she has to change. I explained that if she wants a real man, she has to give that man a chance. I explained that if I was her man, I would show her who the man is. I would show her who is strong. I would show her who’s the boss in the home, regardless of what she does outside and how much money she makes.

Do you know what she told me? It was the late evening; she was a bit drunk – too much wine and champagne. She looked into my eyes, and she said “this is exactly what I need. Someone who treats me like a woman. I want to be dominated”.

The next day, she called me back.

Unfortunately Western women will admit this only when they are drunk. Russian women KNOW it. And that’s the difference. scam or real? Complaints, reviews, success stories are welcome!

A particular guide for those who does want to find the good girl on EM but not get involved into scam.

Here is one special, independent and extraordinary point of view for curious people of a dating online issues.

I must admit that this is a review of a man’s point of view, tips to thumb up for rules how to find your love within Elena’s Models site. In spite of various objections or questions I am more than confident about life of slavic people and life in eastern europe in general, therefore you may guess I simply know and understand the scheme of the way of searching for single women on dating sites. However I emphasize that this is only my opinion which is strictly based on the whole experience of mine got from years but something is not to correlate with the real things for you. Mail-order bride market and what would be useful for me if I were you.

Take your intuition with you, you discernment is your powerful ability to detect the necessary things and to neglect unnecessary.

Is Elena's models real or is it a scam?

So these are my tips for you below:

  • Language, of course!

I met my wife suddenly and unexpectedly when she did not know English at all and she started to teach it because of me. By mentioning this I mark that language issue does not make any sense. And in some way it has negative attitude within a correlation of the whole image of a woman and English language to be a foreign. It goes without saying that being Western, you stand for feminism ideas accordingly. The second point is frequency of English usage: knowing this language affords to travel as much as possible, to make contacts with many foreign men what corrupts ladies and makes them less tend to stay at one place with extreme desire to love, to get married and to have a family.

  • Yep, religion.

While observing the profiles pay attention to the religion indicated there and look for N.A. they may have. Next stage is to find a “soviet girl” who keeps running forward with a post soviet torch smelling of greatest past, materialism, unity and equality. A kind of extensional philosophy: you may try to handle somewhere in the middle of ethical humanism and relativism. Be good, babe but if not I’ll nail you to the wall. Still the priority is in convincing and in self-significance.

  • Personal message sending.

Yes, you are Sherlock Holmes, you estimate and mark every word you see here. In particular, positive phrases that expose something interesting with “I am looking for” but not “I can offer”. Find such adjectives that can give a concrete description of the personality, not to be a unit of the whole list and that’s all. That’s if you want to marry a real person but not cosmo girl.

  • Smoking cigarettes.

Sure she mustn’t. The thing is about behaviors, such a deviant behavior gives a particular clear way for allowing other disadvantages. Referring to the Bible book remember that if you trust anyone for a small thing you may trust for bigger ones. Smoking of course is a small thing in chain, such a small disregard of the health. By any means you may help her to rescue, but there are lots of others who can be in greater need.

  • The Color Of The Hair.

I bet brunettes are the best, like my wife does. And my preferences of course. But my notice – those women who dye a hair into dark tints tend for bad habits and behavior. That’s cool if the colors are natural but check the way they do that, with no drama. Going deeply to the USSR I remember black haired women who made themselves black haired after Natasha Fatale (ref. Boris and Natasha cartoon). Sometimes art denotes the time line of the reality and draws the path.

  • Hometown.

Our personality takes a certain value and size within environment we live in. Not to be severe necessarian I’m trying to explain my notice: if to compare Western and Eastern part of Ukraine, they differ, and women differ as well. And it seems to me that Western women are sweeter, there are more villages there. And on the contrary industrial cities gives a push into development of the personality, who survives and used not to be opened to a world. And not the variant of a lady suddenly moved to a megapolis and dreaming of love escaping with some daddy.

  • Children: yours and hers.

One of the most important issues of life to consider. My position is to find someone who has kids in case you have your own kids. But if you don’t – look for someone with no ones. If a woman has no experience in marriage and child bringing it’s not so bad, at least she has motivation to explore this lifestyle. A story is sad if a couple did not born and raise a child, this comes to the conclusion that they may have some mess with judgement and commitment. Child should have two parents and probably this is the criteria for me while you are looking for your woman. This is your decision to take a responsibility and of course we all make mistakes in our life, but while you reading profiles, screen the information about children and I would not advise you to have a woman with no child if you have any.

  • Her response rate.

No use of considering this aspect very meaningful for you. No one cares how often and now many replies she sends, females have no reason of their actions and thus you would not have any profit to analyze that statistics.

  • Picture.

Be calm with accepting image editing software: women are to be photoshopped, I must say 100% beautiful, airbrushed, tasty. Each of them want to be distinguished and represented on a market in their perfect way, this is normal for a woman – to get her attention. Look for professional pictures, also good but more truthful than processed ones.

  • Profession, Interests.

Subject of no avail due to Soviet education system, it was classic and no doubt gave lots of knowledge. But is has no connection to moral integrity each of well-educated woman may represent.

  • Zodiac.

For me – irrelevant as no connection to the real life. However there is exception for those you mark magical thinking as a lifestyle. But let me emphasize that men less or even do not take this stuff seriously to compare with women who pay great attention to this in early 70s.

Below I will try to give a respond to the main question of EM to be a scam or real and some useful strategies for proper using this service.

Please read my words carefully: this is not a scam.

Looking for a proper information about the company, let me mention that Elena Petrova, known as Elena Gold = Elena Solomon is a founder of Elena’s Models company. It seems to me – she is good and fair business owner of A Mom and Pop dating online service, placed in Australia, in particular: at Robina Town Centre, QLD 4230. They use anti-scam filtering for breaking scam attacks from poor countries. You must think about that imagining people praying for others but rich and noble. Indeed I do not have any common with the staff of with the agency in general however I’m a constant follower of theirs. For example if you take the average number of US dating companies EM is much cheaper with unlimited emails. Referring to my guess all various ripoff complaints are the result of austerity work of competitor sites. I made a contact to the agency and here is the pricing:

  • Gold membership (unlimited emails + 50 contacts) = $16.50
  • Platinum membership (unlimited emails + unlimited contacts + constant mobile contacts) = $83 per month
  • Use some links for vk profiles to reach the necessary info. By the way, as for me, I used to pay for what I’m gonna use, legally. I buy legal services online, software and all.

Finally my pros and cons for this post goes to positive view: you have a big advantage in EM to screen the profiles as much as possible and it excludes any particular scam for you. And what is the disadvantage you may ask. Only one: there are multiple free dating sites everywhere. And for me – quality is in priority, I would not be cheap concerning serious aspects of my life, I mean, love, a partner for life, future relationships, marriage and etc. Supposedly I would join right in case I would search for a CIS bride and here are lots of them. Probably I would choose more religious dating sites, Catholic for example, as I’m interested in something specific theme but not more generic like I see Elena’s models agency.

Meaning of flirting for women

It’s no secret that flirting at an early stage means for women only one thing: to know what you’re doing and start a conversation to find out what kind a person you are. Flirting for them is a stable state of mind and develops in two directions: to say and do some things so that a man came to the conclusion who a woman really is. Here is a list of the most common questions, asked by a woman to herself:

  • What does he do?
  • Is he a cheerful one?
  • Is he an ambitious man?
  • Does he value sensual pleasures to be interesting in bed?
  • Will it be awkward to him if a girl introduces him to her friends?
  • Is he a gentleman?
  • What is more important for him: to be reliable or cheerful?

Women in dating with men have rather the investment approach: before closely acquainted with a guy, they carefully study all the details. This feature is associated with the desire to see the future of her relationship.

Women hate to waste time on a relationship that afterwards bring them pain. That’s why women are so fond of all kinds of horoscopes and fortune-telling, because they promise interpretation of hidden events and insight to the future.

How to understand women’s intentions.

Telling of life stories and the correct interpretation of woman’s words will help you to understand what she really wants.

The right approach will create you all opportunities for the familiarity with a girl. To accomplish this, follow these tips:

  • Tell to a girl any life story – let she’ll understand what kind of human you are. It should be a real personal story, not just to support the conversation.
  • When you’ve listened her stories, find out which person she is and what her personality type – select the brightest her highlight and tell her, that you respect these qualities. No need to complicate, you can start with a simple “I think this your hobby is really outstanding”. A woman will surely love such a compliment and it will help you to build an emotional connection.
  • When she tells you about herself, try yourself to grasp the meaning of her words. If a girl says she loves to travel do not tell her your travel story. Instead, ask if she likes the risk. Rate what the girl tells you, keep her words and you will quickly find common ground with her.
  • After establishing an emotional connection, it’s important not to overdo. If she likes to risk, you shouldn’t tell that you knew or assumed such quality in her; otherwise it would be a mistake and she (most likely) will tear off the conversation.
  • To interpret her words correctly, you can also turn to her with jokes. For example, if a girl says that she’s studying, but doesn’t say what namely she’s studying then you can say as a joke: “I think after graduation you’ll become a secret agent. How do you see in the superspy image?” Remember, when communicating online, that such jokes may be unsuccessful. Besides, the matter is complicated, when across cultural or language differences. For example, women from Russia are often very serious – it’ll not be easy to amuse them. Act carefully, be creative and you’ll easily understand the true meaning of a woman’s words.

Once you get to understand the nature of flirting and correctly interpret words during a conversation with a girl, you’ll be able to carry on a conversation on a variety of topics easily. In this way you can get accurate information about woman’s nature and habits, and also to establish a deep emotional connection with her.

Fascinating personal stories – the key to your success

Why you should use a life (personal) narrative.

One of the key episodes of successful dating necessarily involves telling some personal story. Please, note that women often carefully delve into such stories; so, the ability to present a good and sincere personal story is very a important and useful skill for any man.

In this article we’ll try to give you useful tips on how namely and when you’d use personal stories from your life, when dating.

The value of personal stories.

A good personal story, told for a couple of minutes, has a truly crucial meaning for several reasons:

It gently puts initial intense atmosphere of your meeting into less tense and removes the awkwardness in communication. There’s a certain type of women, who feel large uncomfortable if everyone is silent. This can happen, if you’re waiting for a waiter in a restaurant, or when you spend her home, and suddenly appear uneasy silence on the way. That’s why a fascinating personal story is a great way to avoid potential embarrassment.

It quickly and very clearly reflects the uniqueness of your personality, because you don’t have a lot of time to create strong relationships, and personal story helps to do this. An interesting life story will show the girl what kind of men you are: who loves travels and adventures, attentive and cheerful. And all this she’ll understand in just 2-3 minutes (if you tell your story skillfully), and believe that this story she will remember for a very long time.

A life story helps psychologically: you have confidence that you’ll not fall into awkward silence – many are worried because of this. Having in stock a few interesting life stories, you’ll always find a way to keep a fascinating conversation with your girl.

A life story gives solace to a woman that she doesn’t need to build the entire conversation herself. When you begin to communicate with a girl, she’s always nervous that the subject will soon be exhausted and there will be an awkward pause. Telling her a stirring personal story for a couple of minutes, you will comfort her, because she’ll exactly know – you will always be able to continue the conversation and make it interesting.

Now you need to learn some key points, important for every gentleman: how to talk the first time, how to express your idea quickly and when namely make transitions between different stories.

The key moments in telling of personal stories.


Below we give some key points to build good and interesting personal stories:

  • Select a topic of your story.
  • The moment when you saw or made yourself something fun and unusual. Naturally, all unusual causes true interest; it shows that you are able to get pleasure from life and go beyond the daily routine. For example: “Recently at the London airport I saw a guy, dressed as something unusual. It was difficult to understand whether he would a model or an ordinary homeless. Let me tell you what he was wearing…”
  • The moment, when after your arrival happened something funny. This will show that you are continuously exploring the world and able to work, even when the plans violated. A good topic for stories – travels, because of they are usually interest to all women and immediately enliven the conversation. Example: “Last year I was in Sicily, where visited small poor towns there. One night I was sitting in a local street café and suddenly heard playing music in the distance. My friends and I went on the music sounds to see what happened there…”
  • Tell about a fun social event, where you’d participated. This will show that you are an optimist in life and love funny things, which the girl will likely want to join too.
  • Create a small voltage and then eliminate it. Each personal story start with creating a voltage so that the woman wondered “what happened next and how it all ended. This is an important moment in maintaining your interlocutor’s interest.
  • Do not keep the voltage for long – people usually keep short concentration. So do not be distracted or add extra. Your goal is not in a maximum long story, and in such history, which would have expressed your life position and character traits.
  • Do not brag! The mistake of many men – telling of stories, which that represent them as heroes. We do not recommend doing so; it doesn’t attract women – they can feel false and simply a desire to impress. Often this immediately shows an insecure person, trying to invent a heroic story. For example, it’s better to say that attending the show with a mechanical bull you were dropped on the ground by it, than telling you’ve defeated everybody and won the contest. The girl will respect you just for your cheerful disposition and love to adventures. The fact that bull had dropped you on the ground will show her, that you’re a self-confident man and do not try to make some impression on her.

The ability to tell interesting personal stories is the most important part of dating that shows you a real gentleman. A pair of fascinating and exciting stories will raise your relationship to a whole new level. Adhering to these tips you will spend a successful first date and create a favorable atmosphere for the continuation of your relationship.

Love and money in Internet. Review how to escape scams’ traps.

Usually, scammers create profiles using photographs of other people with fake information. Without a doubt, the pictures you see are of real people, who do not even imagine that their pictures are used for frauds (sometimes scams use pictures of little-known actresses or singers). Methods of misappropriation of somebody else’s money differ depending on situation, but the general comment scheme is the same. Scammers try to manipulate emotions, pretending that she is ‘exactly what you need’, and as soon as they feel that you have swallowed the bait, they will make everything possible for you to send them money.

Here are a couple of simple advices about how to avoid scams on dating sites:

Firstly, be vigilant, if the person, with whom you have correspondence with not for a long time starts to make love declarations. Generally, scam letters are very warm, disposal to the author from the very beginning. But if you simply think, you will understand that before the big feeling appears between you too, at least you need to have quite long correspondence.

Secondly, look closer to the letters. In majority of cases scams do not waste time to write letters filled up with true love, that is why they use templates, in which they just change the name and a couple of details. Commonly, the scammer do not bother to read letters carefully and reply thoughtfully on them. You can easily find this out by asking her a couple of questions and see how she reacts and replies.

As soon as the cheat makes sure, that she spent enough time to correspond with you, she will start to try to put through the fraud.

Depends on her patience, it can be a short-term correspondence or the one, that lasts for weeks. No matter how long is the correspondence, as soon as the scams sees that you have swallowed the bait, she will ask you for money. For example, these possible options:

  • the girl wants to come to your country, but she needs money for the flight ticket, visa and just ‘for trip’;
  • requirements for the lady to get the USA visa are very strict, I can even call them blasphemous. She needs to show that she has a good-payed job, that she owns her own flat or house, that she has kids, who stay with her relatives for the time when she is away, etc. Of course this lady can tell you that she knows the travel agent, who can assist her to get the visa and flight tickets. If she tells you all that, you 100 per cent corresponding with scam, because it is impossible to obtain the USA visa illegally.
  • she needs money for medical reasons (for herself or her relatives).
  • she will tell you how hard is her life and ask you to help her financially (send her money for beautiful and good quality clothes, shoes). In this case buy all that by yourself and send it to her.

For what ‘merits’ can you get to the black list of scammers?

Nowadays, there are heaps of web-sites with scammers’ lists, half of which is simply fake. Many men complaints are simply lies and misrepresentation. If you see in the scam list the picture with the girl’s name and address, ask the owner of the site for what the lady go there.

Without a doubt, there are real scam-lists, where you can find together with pictures and different names, their addresses, the full correspondence, numbers of money transfers, dates and other. If there is none of mentioned above, then it can be she was placed there by the man, whom she refused to correspond with.

By following these simple rules, you will easily determine the scam, who wants just to improve their well-being on your account and escape any liabilities.

To sum up, from my own experience, I can say that it does not really matter where and how to meet people, because you can encounter frauds anywhere, just many more of them in the net. My last parting wishes:

  • do not tell much about yourself;
  • as soon as you are asked for money – finish your correspondence.

Devoted to men …

A friend of mine has just got me interested in the “women’s thoughts” topic. So here i am – publishing my own stuff concerning such an interesting question. Curious, what you guys will say? I hope you have managed to read it all. Oh, these women’s thoughts… Would like to see your comments below ))

«… Those, whom we call members of sterner sex! Please, read it!

For the lifetime I got only one desire – you to be men! Forget about the feminism fever – help women with their heavy bags, pay their cafe bills, open doors for them, protect them, take their business on your shoulders. Maybe, you will understand why it’s important, maybe once you get home and it’s all so cosy around, all your towels are dry and clean, your supper meal is smelling great and delicious and so on. Or maybe when it’s all going wrong – your job, business, friends, but she – your only one, always around you, kissing your hands, laying curled up like a kitty by your side and telling that you are the best. Or, maybe, when you realise that she got a lot weaker, being pregnant, or when after 12 hours delivery process she will give a birth to your heir.

Be more mindful to her. Stop needlessly stressing her with all your pride, “man’s logic”, strong nature. Call her. Especially when you quarrelled. If only you knew how bitter her tears are when she’s crying after your rude hang-ups, door-slammings… She cries not the way they showed it in movies, quietly in a pillow. She’s sobbing violently, smearing tears over her red, gummy face. People on the street can hear that, neighbours hear that. She suffers from the pain you gave you her. Call her and get back. Hold her hands and get her outta this mess like from a burning building.

Do not isult her. Do not yell at her. Your words are killing her. Her kind, affectionate nature. She may become very angry and very revengeful just because of that “bitch!” you once threw in her face. You could regret doing that many times, but it’s too late. A part of her has died, because you have no idea how unbearable it is to hear such things from darling and beloved one. You may make it up, but she won’t forget. She won’t remind you, but roll these memories in her mind once more, cry alone. And then, you, my dear members of sterner sex, wonder, where did she get so much of cynism and indifference. They’re made of scars you left.

Be jealous of her. Urdently, maniacally, explosively. Hit walls, stamp foot, crash everything around. But never tell her that he is responsible for that. Don’t chide her, do not blame her. Let “that motherfucker that was staring at you!” be guilty. She will remain sacred for you. Believe me, if she decides to cheat on you, she does it the way you never know about that. But if you cought her, then it means she did it for reason. She did it so you could express your love and your jealousy. It means she doubted your feelings. It means she is worried about your “WE”.

Say that to her as often as you can. Tell her that she is everything for you, that she makes your life. Let it be splendiferous like in movies. If she passes away tomorrow. And she will pass away some time. All of us sooner or later. Because our life is such an unpredictable thing, such a short thing. Can finish in a blink. So, if she passes away tomorrow, you won’t have a chance to tell her that. Give promises, don’t be greedy. She is so happy when she receives promises, when she’s dreaming of something, hoping for something better. She is so gorgeous at that moment… Doesn’t she deserve it? Is it all not worth those 15 minutes that you two were lying in an embrace, dreaming of your perfect future? It is worth! Every second is worth. Because there are almost no such moments during our lifetime.

And we are even framing ourselves! We plan, consider, we’re, idiots, damn it, building RELATIONSHIPS. We should live these relationships, just live ’em. Just be on fire, be in love, be in pain. We should say what we think right now, right at the moment.
Oh, just put aside your laptop, open a window and cry out loud: “I fucking LOVE YOU, silly” And let her laugh, forcing you to close the window, let her get red and let her be pseudo-angry. Just do it. And if she is not around, call her, open a window and all the above… And listen how she is smiling at the other end.

Pay her compliments. She is wearing this uncomfortable, but beautiful shoes for you, not for herself. She is wearing this comfortless, but sexy panties for you – not for herself. She is killing her face with expensive cosmetics. Or with cheap ones. Just buy some cool cosmetics for her! Love her! Be a man! She is about to get varicosity on these heels that you like so much! She is crying over tattered pantihose! She is trying to look so good for you. When you are not around she usually wears daddy’s huge old sweater, boxer shorts and ponytail.
Be attentive. Give gifts and make surprises. Just get a chocolate for her, just a chocolate. It won’t take much of your cash, power. But for her – this sweety – 15 seconds of happines, when you got this chocolate, gave to her saying “that’s for ya”. We make hours of these 15 seconds. During a worktime send a rose to her. Buy a soft teddy bear, when you are shopping in a supermarket. Take her out for a dinner. Or make a breakfast in bed. Meet her after she is out of workplace – let her colleagues get envious. And be always happy of every tiny thing she gives you. You probably don’t get that the point is not in what she brings but that she actually pays attention for you, not forgetting about ya. The point is that she always thinking of you, even more often than you can imagine! And it’s not a candy bar, cufflink or some “moleskine” scetchbook – it’s her love. It’s the way she shows her concern.

And become a real cavalier for God’s sake! Fight for her, protect her… Everything around is shitty shit, but she is your queen. And even if she is not right, don’t reveal it to anybody around. Because those who “around” won’t be loving you as she will, they won’t be brewing morning tea for you, they won’t tuck the blanket, you see. So don’t give a damn about them, exalt her higher than any of these persons, that are strangers to you. Because, just believe me, she will do the same. And to her, you are the the only one, and others don’t exist.

Put up with her hysterics. She is full of hormones, they are rebeling. But know that her tears, slobbers and snots that she’s throwing around the way the walls shiver – these all are not to make you angry so you cuss her out. But to make you come and hug her and say “It’s allright baby, i will never let you down”. And then you will fix up all problems together.

Forgive her. Always forgive. You can’t imagine how often she forgives you. It’s one of the most important things in relationships – an ability to forgive. To let it just GO.

Talk to her. Please, i’m begging you, don’t keep silent. She doesn’t understand you the same way you don’t understand her. Tell her the truth. Don’t leave her thinking and pondering what your silent actually meant. She may already have something in mind, you know, something like “oh, he’s seeing someone else, he doesn’t love me. Or he never did!” Talk to her. Save her from those bitter tears, days and minutes.

Men, every lady’s dream is not you driving BMW and taking her out on a resort in Spain, but, if you ever dump her, put the phone down on her or left her alone somewhere, you – to come to her the next day. WIth a buncha flowers. Or without flowers. Just come back. Suddenly. Come back and say: “I was wrong. I’m back”

Men! Love your woman, caress her, fight for her, carry her on hands. Be kindful towards her. Be the only one to her. Get her shocked with your surprises. You will soon understand what all these things are for. When the whole world betrays you, she, your only princess, will get you on her shoulders and take you up from the bottom of a sea. Then you will understand it all…”