elenasmodels.com scam or real? Complaints, reviews, success stories are welcome!

A particular guide for those who does want to find the good girl on EM but not get involved into scam.

Here is one special, independent and extraordinary point of view for curious people of a dating online issues.

I must admit that this is a review of a man’s point of view, tips to thumb up for rules how to find your love within Elena’s Models site. In spite of various objections or questions I am more than confident about life of slavic people and life in eastern europe in general, therefore you may guess I simply know and understand the scheme of the way of searching for single women on dating sites. However I emphasize that this is only my opinion which is strictly based on the whole experience of mine got from years but something is not to correlate with the real things for you. Mail-order bride market and what would be useful for me if I were you.

Take your intuition with you, you discernment is your powerful ability to detect the necessary things and to neglect unnecessary.

Is Elena's models real or is it a scam?

So these are my tips for you below:

  • Language, of course!

I met my wife suddenly and unexpectedly when she did not know English at all and she started to teach it because of me. By mentioning this I mark that language issue does not make any sense. And in some way it has negative attitude within a correlation of the whole image of a woman and English language to be a foreign. It goes without saying that being Western, you stand for feminism ideas accordingly. The second point is frequency of English usage: knowing this language affords to travel as much as possible, to make contacts with many foreign men what corrupts ladies and makes them less tend to stay at one place with extreme desire to love, to get married and to have a family.

  • Yep, religion.

While observing the profiles pay attention to the religion indicated there and look for N.A. they may have. Next stage is to find a “soviet girl” who keeps running forward with a post soviet torch smelling of greatest past, materialism, unity and equality. A kind of extensional philosophy: you may try to handle somewhere in the middle of ethical humanism and relativism. Be good, babe but if not I’ll nail you to the wall. Still the priority is in convincing and in self-significance.

  • Personal message sending.

Yes, you are Sherlock Holmes, you estimate and mark every word you see here. In particular, positive phrases that expose something interesting with “I am looking for” but not “I can offer”. Find such adjectives that can give a concrete description of the personality, not to be a unit of the whole list and that’s all. That’s if you want to marry a real person but not cosmo girl.

  • Smoking cigarettes.

Sure she mustn’t. The thing is about behaviors, such a deviant behavior gives a particular clear way for allowing other disadvantages. Referring to the Bible book remember that if you trust anyone for a small thing you may trust for bigger ones. Smoking of course is a small thing in chain, such a small disregard of the health. By any means you may help her to rescue, but there are lots of others who can be in greater need.

  • The Color Of The Hair.

I bet brunettes are the best, like my wife does. And my preferences of course. But my notice – those women who dye a hair into dark tints tend for bad habits and behavior. That’s cool if the colors are natural but check the way they do that, with no drama. Going deeply to the USSR I remember black haired women who made themselves black haired after Natasha Fatale (ref. Boris and Natasha cartoon). Sometimes art denotes the time line of the reality and draws the path.

  • Hometown.

Our personality takes a certain value and size within environment we live in. Not to be severe necessarian I’m trying to explain my notice: if to compare Western and Eastern part of Ukraine, they differ, and women differ as well. And it seems to me that Western women are sweeter, there are more villages there. And on the contrary industrial cities gives a push into development of the personality, who survives and used not to be opened to a world. And not the variant of a lady suddenly moved to a megapolis and dreaming of love escaping with some daddy.

  • Children: yours and hers.

One of the most important issues of life to consider. My position is to find someone who has kids in case you have your own kids. But if you don’t – look for someone with no ones. If a woman has no experience in marriage and child bringing it’s not so bad, at least she has motivation to explore this lifestyle. A story is sad if a couple did not born and raise a child, this comes to the conclusion that they may have some mess with judgement and commitment. Child should have two parents and probably this is the criteria for me while you are looking for your woman. This is your decision to take a responsibility and of course we all make mistakes in our life, but while you reading profiles, screen the information about children and I would not advise you to have a woman with no child if you have any.

  • Her response rate.

No use of considering this aspect very meaningful for you. No one cares how often and now many replies she sends, females have no reason of their actions and thus you would not have any profit to analyze that statistics.

  • Picture.

Be calm with accepting image editing software: women are to be photoshopped, I must say 100% beautiful, airbrushed, tasty. Each of them want to be distinguished and represented on a market in their perfect way, this is normal for a woman – to get her attention. Look for professional pictures, also good but more truthful than processed ones.

  • Profession, Interests.

Subject of no avail due to Soviet education system, it was classic and no doubt gave lots of knowledge. But is has no connection to moral integrity each of well-educated woman may represent.

  • Zodiac.

For me – irrelevant as no connection to the real life. However there is exception for those you mark magical thinking as a lifestyle. But let me emphasize that men less or even do not take this stuff seriously to compare with women who pay great attention to this in early 70s.

Below I will try to give a respond to the main question of EM to be a scam or real and some useful strategies for proper using this service.

Please read my words carefully: this is not a scam.

Looking for a proper information about the company, let me mention that Elena Petrova, known as Elena Gold = Elena Solomon is a founder of Elena’s Models company. It seems to me – she is good and fair business owner of A Mom and Pop dating online service, placed in Australia, in particular: at Robina Town Centre, QLD 4230. They use anti-scam filtering for breaking scam attacks from poor countries. You must think about that imagining people praying for others but rich and noble. Indeed I do not have any common with the staff of with the agency in general however I’m a constant follower of theirs. For example if you take the average number of US dating companies EM is much cheaper with unlimited emails. Referring to my guess all various ripoff complaints are the result of austerity work of competitor sites. I made a contact to the agency and here is the pricing:

  • Gold membership (unlimited emails + 50 contacts) = $16.50
  • Platinum membership (unlimited emails + unlimited contacts + constant mobile contacts) = $83 per month
  • Use some links for vk profiles to reach the necessary info. By the way, as for me, I used to pay for what I’m gonna use, legally. I buy legal services online, software and all.

Finally my pros and cons for this post goes to positive view: you have a big advantage in EM to screen the profiles as much as possible and it excludes any particular scam for you. And what is the disadvantage you may ask. Only one: there are multiple free dating sites everywhere. And for me – quality is in priority, I would not be cheap concerning serious aspects of my life, I mean, love, a partner for life, future relationships, marriage and etc. Supposedly I would join right in case I would search for a CIS bride and here are lots of them. Probably I would choose more religious dating sites, Catholic for example, as I’m interested in something specific theme but not more generic like I see Elena’s models agency.

10 thoughts on “elenasmodels.com scam or real? Complaints, reviews, success stories are welcome!

  1. I am very sorry with making you upset but Elenas Models is a structure of a lots of scammers and my guess is that company agency protects her “employees” to obtain subscription as much as possible.

  2. Thank you for your point of view. Your comment was exactly my thoughts. But was is your experience or is it something you’ve heard once? Indeed this info may seem more truthful.

  3. I am a girl. I’m single and unknown Ukrainian girl who gives you some particular tips for surviving inside the dating system. I know how women could think and how they could behave. Besides, to my mind, religious criteria is not so important for personal match. Being very religious and sincere, I would never be a member of online dating agency. Of course we would not mention such religious people who cannot keep their fast or come to church. My parents did not bring me up as a Muslim woman, they let me choose my way of being religious due to the minority of muslim people in the eastern part of Ukraine. I was brought up as a simple normal girl with correlating with life rules. This prevented me from deviant behavior. Actually go back to the post, I cannot see any specific connection between religion and communism concerning dating sites. One more thing to mention about the difference between a girl from the city and the one from a countryside. Here I can understand what exactly the author sees while mentioning “nicer, better” concerning a girl from a village, from Western Ukraine. However there is one point: girls from such places are more foxlike. Do not mix with stunning. They are more artful and cunning than girls from industrial places of Eastern parts. Girls from countryside come to big cities to get educated but instead they are the first who are to be married some good guy. While other parts of girls used to face with different difficulties and things, they are more experienced and strong. Agree about smoking position. Take my plus.
    Hair color – hmm. My life was full of girls with black hair (not natural), but they are beyond your comparison, they are strong, careful and smart. Their character has not changed. I am brunette, by the way).
    Photoshopped pictures – not really 100% but 99,999% as I do not allow to do that with mine ones. Statistically may that’s true as women supposed to be unsure in their appearance. For me, i’m not the queen of beauty but I think male photos are less fixed than female that’s a kind of collaboration or whatever. I like those pictures that look as much natural as possible.
    I’m single young woman, of 26 years old and if someone are in the interest of me you may get in touch of me here.

  4. Hello Dina, indeed i’m not sure if I can reach you by this message but the thread had showed me your post and here I am, writing to you. I am thankful for all notices you’ve mentioned and this is a pleasure for me to know something interesting about girls from big city and countryside. My Ukrainian experience wasn’t really good except two times I arrived, those women were real. But previous – scammers, all of them I met before. Right on dating scam site Anastasiadate. So tell me if you are a member of any dating site?

  5. I’m so sorry about your life being experienced scam troubles with those women and I deeply glad that you were lucky to find some real and good ones. Right now I am a surfing EM dating site but about to register, still I doubt to spend much time to do that and such like this used to spend great part of the day to do such instructions. I got contacted with some interesting men and women whom we have common interests and now we get in touch via Facebook. So if you want, this is quite easy. Thank you.

  6. I am Tatarian, direct representative and it seems to me we have something mutual here, down to Ukraine. My parents have turco and mongols roots. I liked the article because some issues are of the top right now: hair color, women who dye their hair are different with their behavior, oh, I can’t believe this is so important. Supposedly the author has specific point of view just because of narrowed ideology and indifferent philosophy concerning womanish image. Besides what about those extraordinary types like goths and emos people used to judge just from the first sight, right? But indeed they are really good people. Then I keen in some phrases about national priorities about Elena Models, is that true, soviet girls are looking for some men from Caucasus. Is any chance for arabic and black men? Are they desired as well? You are a girls from Eastern part of the territory, can you take me into this question please? It’s better for me to have a kind of correspondent from that places, really. Oh, almost forgot, your last phrase was really funny).

  7. I have some words for those ill-wishes of EM dating site who is ready to discuss racial issues with me right now. Let’s have our separate thread here. Bogus charge is the main idea many reviews are based on but such a few of us are ready to make an objection. What about myself, I can hardly see ladies racists with Elena’s Models site and the owner Elena Petrova may be of such a type I don’t know and who I am to judge but no liberal interested girl here was allowed to be a member. Not a good decision to take for a dating business. What is next, want to pay your attention, about bots or suspicious charges they paste and drop everywhere pretending to lead a discussion, and when done, they blow away. A friend of mine is from African country, he became a member of EM and met one lady with blond hair there and they are dating now. If you have any objections or question to dispute go ahead and meet me on fb, vk, google or some social network to speak on proof, facts, comparison, see pictures, texts, let’s judge. But such facts as these ones should be out of there, no facts – no silly talkings I think. This is not serious talk really, my guess you work for sites that develop lie and pain. I know that there are lots of males who still doubt and need some clarification what site to try, which is better and which one is really bad and does not deserve any attention of yours. How come you do not use your brain to analyze, to compare, to think twice, to look for facts and details. Don’t be stupid, no one could give a helping hand if you risk by your simple way. You can register Elena Models site and purchase 3 months membership for 130, or use two hours of video chat for 120 – this is your decision to demonstrate who is clever to avoid scam.

  8. My opinion is only my opinion, nothing more. And as I mentioned, that was a description of the potential situation however I was not registered, I wasn’t a site member. But I accept that the bitter sweet texting was in some way pleasant to read but that was sincere, my style. Indeed I wasn’t trying to abuse or to blame those Ukrainians or Russians and applying men do not starting any relationship with them, no way. Being sarcastic right with the last several phrases of the topic I gave people a chance to think over, a kind of a question to ladies. But I wasn’t expected to feel such a negative attack with a judgement just for some minutes of reading my post but without knowing me better. Who are you to say that? Anyway 99% did not concerned my personality and what is my recommendation to you: take it easy, man, you are too serious to take all my words here. I wish you to have a good day.

  9. I don’t want to ruin your position but it seems to me that some issues were unclear for you in my texting so let’s come to the facts. Let’s speak about real information of the day. To be honest I made one man to get off the Anastasiadate site, he lost $9000 for several months of being there – sophisticated scam of a young boy (27 y o) but not an old rich American who doesn’t know how to treat a woman. And just imagine what amounts come to the dating websites each month. However still men like him do not want to be desperate and I advised him some other sites to try, like Russancupid, Ukrainedate, Elena’s Models and some free ones to compare. Today he meets his girl from EM, they will have their date without interpreter and they will try to see if match is successful for a week or more, the price for agency is not more than $100. This is my truth, and my helping hand to men and women for happy future. Besides that brings me a sincere joy when I get good news. JustAHappyMan, believe to the facts but not to your guess-work. Gossips never leads to a success or to a good feedback if you want to be popular. Otherwise great shadow would cover dating business due to multiple unsolved scam cases. Peace for everyone!

  10. That can be really entertaining while you rock everyone for negative mood. But, man, keep going, that’s pretty funny and I would gladly follow your argumentless abusings.

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